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Special Partnership Rates

Residents and employees of organizations who have an Executive Partnership with Kb Fitness Solutions Inc. will receive the following discounted rates on services in their home or building fitness center:


Personal Training


Single Session: $85 (regular priced $90)

6 Sessions: $495 (regular priced $525)

10 Sessions: $800 (regular priced $850)

30 Sessions: $2,250 (regular priced $2,400)

40 Sessions: $2,800 (regular priced $3,000)


Duo Training: 2 clients during the same session

Single Session: $125, $62.50/person (regular price $135, $67.50/person)

10 Duo Training Sessions: $1,150, $575/person (regular price $1,250, $625/person)


Trio Training: 3 clients during the same session

Single Session: $155, $52/person (regular price $165, $55/person)

10 Trio Training Sessions: $1,450, $483/person (regular price $1,550, $517/person)


Group Training: 4 or more clients during the same session

Single Session: $90 (regular price $95)

10 Group Training Sessions: $850 (regular price $900)

Click HERE to learn more about personal training services.



Massage Therapy


Swedish & Prenatal: $95 (regular price $105)

Deep-Tissue, Sport, Rehabilitation: $105 (regular price $115)






One-on-One Nutrition Coaching Session: $75

Follow-Up Nutrition Coaching Sessions: $30

12-Week Follow Up Program: $94

Meal Plan Update: $40

Jump Start Your Nutrition: $145

Kitchen Clean Up & Assessment: $115

Grocery Shopping Lesson: $105

Healthy Cooking Lesson/Class: $140


Click HERE to learn more about nutrition services.



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 the Kb Fitness Solutions team will be in touch within 24 hours, or call 312-222-1414.

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