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Duncan Salek, B.S. 

Degreed & Certified Personal Trainer

Bachelor of Science: Kinesiology (Indiana University)
NSCA: Certified Personal Trainer
American Red Cross: CPR/First Aid certified
About Duncan …
Duncan has been a certified personal trainer since 2014, and has been training clients since he was in college. Upon graduation, Duncan took his marketing background to the corporate world, where he has been for the last year. It was there he found a niche with corporate wellness and has been writing about ways to get healthy with 9-to-5 job since. 
Duncan believes in developing strategic fitness plans to help achieve fitness needs. With balance, patience, and persistence, Duncan’s training programs will aim to make you a little better each day. Whether it’s doing a simple movement at your desk or knocking out 100 push-ups before work each morning, Duncan will help you rediscover the way you were meant to move…and help you have fun while doing it!

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