Tips for a Great Running Season

June 1, 2019

1. Switch out your worn out gym shoes. For a runner doing five 3-mile runs per week, that comes out to a new pair every five to six months. According to some researchers, running shoes should be replaced anywhere from 300 to 500 miles after the first wear.


2. Set small, achievable goals. Break down your goals into daily, weekly, and monthly goals


3. Condition your whole body. Your arms drive your legs. Arms and core workouts are still important and very useful for runners.


4. Always make sure you’re hydrated the day of your runs. Follow up your run with water also. You lose more water than you’d think in perspiration.


5. A healthy snack is important after a long run. Whole foods are great for refueling.


6. Layer up when its cold out. You build up heat when you run, which can be uncomfortable if you aren’t dressed for it. This will make training outside much more enjoyable.


7. Run with friends or in a running club. Running with a group helps you stay motivated and not skip workouts. Your group can also help push you to new limits.


8. Sprints and inclines are great to mix in with your running patterns.

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