Challenge Details

Start & End Date

You must join the four-week challenge before February 28, 2015.  You may rejoin the challenge if needed for an additional 4-weeks.  The challenge ends on Friday, March 27, 2015.  Final measurements will be taken on your last personal training session.


Personal Training

Each participant of the challenge will train with one of our personal trainers three days per week or 12 times within the four weeks.  Participants will be encouraged to exercise on their own or work with a personal trainer more than three days per week.  Each participant will be assigned a lead trainer.  We recommend working with multiple trainers to accommodate your schedule, but are also welcome to work with the same trainer the entire challenge.  Our personal trainers work closely on our clients programs.  Personal training sessions can be 30 or 60 minutes in length.



Each participant will undergo a series of confidential and discreet fitness assessments on their first training session.  This will take 30-minutes of the session, and the other 30-minutes will be the first workout.  Participants who are only personal training for 30-minute sessions, Quickies, will undergo the fitness assessment for the entire duration of the first session.  The measurements will include the following: three-site skinfold body composition analysis; weight and waist-to-hip circumference measurements; blood pressure and heart rate screening; a push-up endurance test; a sit-and-reach flexibility test; a-one mile walk test; and a wall sit and plank hold.  A final measurement will take place on the last session as well to assess improvements.


Customized Meal Plan

Once a participant joins the program, a nutrition coaching session will be scheduled with one of our registered dietitians.  The session will be provided in the participant’s very own kitchen, or a common location of choice, such as a coffee shop or the party room of their building.  From here, the dietitian will create a weekly customized-meal plan that will be given to the participant within 48 hours of their coaching session.


Photo Food Journal

Each week, participants are required to submit three days worth of a photo food journal by simply taking a picture of their food and emailing it to or texting it to our office line at 312-222-1414.  Please include your first and last name and date and time of the food in the email or text message.  Feedback will be provided within 24 business hours.


The Kb Cleanse (Whole-Food Cleanse)

The Kb Cleanse will be led by Registered Dietitian, Kerry Clifford, MS, RD, LDN, and is basically an elimination diet, ditching major allergens and other irritating foods.  The cleanse involves cutting out the following: wheat, dairy, soy, corn, white potatoes, peanuts, shellfish, and refined sugar.  The cleanse involves a diet high in fruits and vegetables (preferably locally grown and/or organic), high-quality whole grains (i.e. oats, millet, amaranth, quinoa), and rice, along with eggs, poultry, meat, fish, and yummy fats.   


The cleanse will begin with a Grocery Shopping Lesson to educate you on which cuts of meat to chose, spices to improve flavor, anti-inflammatory foods, teas and coffees for health, frozen foods that are okay, and fats to feel full.  The benefit of a Whole-Food Cleanse is to kick the Holiday sweet tooth and cravings by gearing up 2015 with super foods that won’t leave you starving and unsatisfied.  A Whole-Food Cleanse is better than a juice cleanse because it includes necessary components to an healthy diet that are SUSTAINABLE: protein, fat and unprocessed carbs.


The cleanse will last for the first three weeks of the challenge, or three weeks from the Grocery Shopping Lesson.  This is an optional component of the Whole-New You Challenge and highly recommended. 




How to Join

Participants may join the challenge at any time during the month of January 2015 by emailing or calling 312-222-1414.  Please put “Whole-New You Challenge” in the subject line. 





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