Meridian Mark Wellness Program

Employee & Tenant Resource to On-Site Wellness Programming

Meridian Mark cares about the health & happiness of their tenants and their employees.


Kb Fitness Solutions, Inc. is honored to lead Meridian Mark’s tenants and their employees to a healthy and happy lifestyle through a wide variety of wellness services. Our professional wellness team offers fitness, massage, and nutrition services with one goal… to continue Inspiring Healthy Lives.


Virtual Wellness

From Our Home . . . To Yours


All services are provided in-person.  However, in case there is a chance that a service needs to be offered virtually or if you need a training service provided virtually due to travel, etc., please follow the following guidelines to set up a zoom account:

In order to participate in any virtual wellness service, please create a zoom account.  Simply follow the instructions below:


1) Click on to create a zoom account.

2) Click on SIGN UP, IT’S FREE. Follow the instructions to create an account.

3) You must use the device that has zoom downloaded on for each class or presentation that you participate in or you can visit the zoom website to log into your zoom account before each class start time. If you have your internet set up to your television, use that screen to participate in classes.

4) If a class is virtual, scroll down below. Find your class and please pay attention to the start time as it may be slightly different than the in-person classes.  An email will also be sent out.

Complimentary Fitness Classes


Please join us for complimentary weekly fitness classes. 

Class will be held in the fitness room.

Limited capacity per class (15 individuals) – must register for class to claim spot. Click on the link to register for the class.  You will need to create an account on our Mindbody system to register for any classes or events.  Please contact us if you experience any problems creating an account by emailing


Bring a mat, sweat towel, water bottle, and we’ll see you at class!


We are thrilled to be your resource to stay well

and healthy with the guidance of one of our

Kb Fitness Solutions, Inc. professionals. 


Enjoy!  Be well & happy!


Wednesdays, 4:00-5:00pm

Class is located in the fitness center.


Register for Class Here


Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. Its intention is to unite the mind, body, and spirit. Join our certified yoga instructor as she guides participants in a series of poses while keeping the breath in a natural flow rhythm. Please grab a yoga mat or a large towel and a water bottle to the class.  Classes are taught by Kb Certified Yoga instructor Deby Wilson.

Wellness Events at Meridian Mark

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Events




Personal Training

Try Before You Buy Special


This special we ONLY do twice a year.  Ready to try personal training before making the commitment?  Now is your chance.  Our trainers will meet you in the fitness center or come to your home.    Try a one-hour session with no charge.  Ready to move forward?  Purchase a package within 48 hours of your session and receive:

$50 OFF a 6-Pack

$100 OFF a 10-Pack or 30-Pack


Available to NEW CLIENTS ONLY or clients who haven’t trained in 2023.   Payment plans are available! Payment plan must be completed within 10 weeks of purchase. Offer available until September 30, 2023.  Virtual and in-person training is priced the same because our trainers time and expertise is the same value.  Please email us or call 312-222-1414 to get started.


Email Us

Nutrition Coaching

In the Comfort of Your own Home or Office


Our team of registered dietitians will help you discover the foods, the skills, and support for behavior change. First, we begin with an Initial Consultation. At that time, the dietitian will be able to help evaluate the assessment form and find out more about your health goals. We’ll assess your current health and nutrition status by discussing your medical history, diet history, physical activity habits, eating behaviors, and usual food patterns and preferences.  With this information, they will share essential nutrition information, helpful tips and recipes, and plenty of healthy strategies that will help enable you to progress toward a healthier life. Then, together, we create a comprehensive action plan based upon your unique health and nutrition goals to set you up for nutrition and wellness success. Initial appointments occur through a secure video-conferencing platform.  


Individual Sessions

30-minute sessions = $49



Fueled-4-Success, $249.00 (save 10% when you purchase a personal training package)

(1) 60 minutes initial appointment with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist – online or telephone 

(4) 30-minute follow-up appointments with your RDN – one every 2 weeks 

Follow-up appointments will be scheduled approximately every 2 weeks over the 3-month period to support your goals and lifestyle changes. You will have access to your RDN through a convenient telehealth portal or via phone and can share dietary intake, pose questions, and provide actionable accountability. This plan is meant to provide you with frequent support for reaching realistic goals.


 Please email us at or call 312-222-1414 to get started.


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Wellness Services Available for Tenants

Book Events for Your Company

Kb Fitness Solutions, Inc. is a team of wellness professionals that come to our clients’ homes and places of work.  Some of our services include:


  • Chair Massage
  • Wellness Presentations
  • Fitness Classes
  • Meditation
  • Cooking Classes and Demonstrations


To get started, or for more information, call 312-222-1414 or email