Christina Faust

Christina Faust

Certified Swim Instructor





Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED – American Red Cross




Christina fell in love with swimming at a young age and swam competitively for almost ten years as a result. Now, she has directed her passion for the sport and healthy living toward teaching others how to swim. Christina has been teaching lessons for almost two years and greatly enjoys seeing people swim on their own for the first time. Outside of swimming, she likes to read, play her guitar or ukulele, and run with friends.


Christina has the most experience teaching swim lessons to children ages 2-12; however, she is qualified to give technique lessons to swimmers of any age. Her goal for every swim lesson is for the swimmers to feel more confident in the water than when they arrived, whether it is through an improved stroke, a more efficient kick, or building the courage to blow bubbles in the water. All the steps of swimming are important and will definitely be celebrated with a high-five.


A single lesson will usually begin with kicking as a warm-up. Then, Christina will introduce a new technique and the swimmer will practice that along with the kicking. Every swim lesson will end with 5 minutes of playtime. Playtime is important for children because it shows them that swimming is fun and they are learning to swim so they could enjoy the experience further. Even adults could enjoy this free time as a way to practice something they learned or simply get a feel for the water.


She looks forward to the chance to see you on the pool deck!

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Chicago, IL 60611

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