Erica Maya

Erica Maya

Ballroom Dance Instructor




About Erica …

Inspired by early childhood memories of music and dance, I developed deep appreciation and love for music and dance. Born and raised in Aurora, IL, I have enjoyed the pleasures of growing up listening to music such as cumbia, salsa, bachata, R&B, hip-hop, rap and more. I participated in all of the arts available in both Simmons Middle School and East Aurora Highschool including Singsation and Honors Drama troupe. As part of the arts, love for the stage and spotlight grew and so did the love for everything dance.

In my college years, I took all the classes I could to enhance my abilities in dance and eventually trained and taught at a local dance studio. I experienced teaching people from all walks of life and levels of movement and got them to learn the intricacies of ballroom dance.

Upon graduating college in 2005 with “responsible” degrees in Philosophy and Finance, I quickly delved into a career in banking for 10 years. Through that time I kept getting pulled into dance in some form or another until I finally focused my life in dance 3 years ago.

Today I travel the world teaching, selling dance shoes and connecting people to the various forms of social dance that I love. I have participated in documentaries, magazines, short movies, theater productions, dance competitions, dance performances, dance videos, event planning, product development with emphasis in dance, and more.

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207 E. Ohio Street, Suite 344
Chicago, IL 60611

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