Katie Gray, B.S.

Katie Gray, B.S.

Certified Yoga Instructor





Bachelor of Science in Biology from Loyola University Chicago (2008)



Adult and Pediatric First Aid / CPR / AED Certified – American Red Cross

RYT 200-Hr Certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher – Yoga Six Chicago (2017)



Having a background in autonomic medicine research, I’m a strong advocate for exercise, breathing techniques and meditation as a way to manage stress by stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system response.



I spent 10 years in gymnastics and ballet and 7 years as an instructor in both, but I had never tried yoga until I was 30 years old at a major turning point in my life. After a few stressful and sleepless years, my health suffered, my blood pressure was chronically high, and anxiety left me feeling constantly stressed out and fatigued. I tried a yoga for the first time at a group exercise class at a large fitness club as a way to get myself back into shape after a long hiatus from regular exercise. While I was frustrated with my slow progress and struggled working through setbacks at the beginning, I was also hooked on the challenge and began to reconnect with the natural stretching movements that I loved growing up as a gymnast. I developed a more compassionate relationship with my body, allowing healing, strengthening and balance to occur over time. I realized that my yoga practice had more than just increased my flexibility and provided a great workout – it truly changed my life, bringing me a new understanding of myself and teaching me the importance of mindfulness every day.



My preference is teaching Vinyasa flow-style yoga because it focuses on what I believe is yoga’s greatest benefit, the power of breath and movement, and provides the safest practice for alignment and transitions. It’s accessible to beginners, and also can be modified to all levels, even advanced yogis. While I was first drawn in by Power Yoga’s challenge and intensity, I have since practiced many other styles of yoga and have incorporated aspects of each of these styles both into my personal practice and my teaching. As someone who suffered from very serious knee injuries due to my gymnastics training, I am the biggest proponent of LISTENING to one’s body and not to an instructor, and ONLY doing what feels right and safe for you. I strive to create a SAFE, supportive, environment for my students feel free to explore and connect with their body and minds. I’m committed to leading a practice that leaves my students feeling energized, stronger, calmer, and more centered than when they came in. I enjoy teaching everyone from the beginner to advanced yogis looking to deepen and challenge their practice.


To contact Katie, please email KGray@KbFitnessSolutions.com.

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Mailing Address:
207 E. Ohio Street, Suite 344
Chicago, IL 60611

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