Yoga Instructors

Alexandra “Zsazsa” Leverett 

Certified Yoga & Meditation Instructor





Associates of Arts (pending)

Chicago-Harold Washington College



Certifications and Continuing Education:

CPR & First-Aid

Corepower Yoga, Hyde Park – 200-Hour

Corepower Yoga, Hyde Park – Extension Program

Yogaview, Chicago – Learn to Teach Guided Relaxation: The Art of Yoga Nidra

Yogaview, Chicago – Teaching Trauma-Informed Yoga: Trauma, Yoga and the Physiology of Resilience




Corepower – Community Classes

Yoga For Recovery -Yoga in Jail

LifeStart – Fitness Club Classes



About Zsazsa…

Zsazsa began practicing yoga as a child and began her instructor training at the early age of 18 years old.  She has scoliosis ad nausea issues that lead her down the path that every body needs something different. The styles of yoga that she teaches are Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga, and Yoga Nidra.  Zsazsa currently volunteers with Yoga for Recovery to teach yoga at Cook County Jail.  


Zsazsa’s philosophical teachings are based around the Eight Limbs of Yoga, energy-work (including Chakras and Reiki), and some Occult teachings, known as Magick. She was raised by nature-loving Pagan parents and incorporate some of these gentle teachings into her practice as well.   In her free time, she loves to read, paint, spend time in nature, read tarot cards, play Mario Kart, write, and explore fashion.  Zsazsa a lifetime Girl Scout and have a passion for saving bees.

Contact Info

Mailing Address:
207 E. Ohio Street, Suite 344
Chicago, IL 60611

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