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Erica Cybulski, B.A.

Certified Yoga Instructor



Bachelor of Arts in Spanish at University of Chicago




Yoga 360 200 Hour​ Yoga and Ayurveda


Many of us are not living our lives to the extent that we are capable of. We have so many external stresses or issues that we cannot focus on who we are and what we are meant to do in the world. Yoga reconnects us to our true selves, to our deepest desires and to our purpose. When we awaken that, we are much more powerful and bigger. If everyone in the world showed up as their best self, the possibilities would be beyond incredible. ​


About Erica . . .

Having been a holistic therapist, exercise fanatic and health nut for years, yoga seemed like a natural progression for Erica. For some reason, though, it had been on a bucket list and never she never really got around to it. She kept feeling called to get to a class or try it out, but something always talked her out of it. Then one day in 2011, she randomly bought a groupon for yoga classes on North Ave Beach. It took all of 60 minutes for her to fall in love and since then, she has been sharing yoga with as many people as possible. Erica continues to study and grow as a teacher and student. 


Erica teaches a Hatha style class that includes elements of Ayurveda. Because we are so connected to and impacted by our surrounding environment, Erica puts together her classes based on the season, the weather and other factors that effect our daily lives. Erica has studied Ayurveda along with Yoga for several years and has a profound understanding of what the body needs. In addition to working the physical body, in Erica’s class, you can expect the interweaving of mind, body and spirit. Often, aromatherapy and restorative adjustments are introduced as options throughout the class. Meditation is a major part of Erica’s personal practice and is included at the beginning of each class as a way to check in and reconnect.


Email Erica at ECybulski@KbFitnessSolutions.com.

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