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Elodie Nierenberg, M.C.

Elodie Nierenberg

Certified Zumba Instructor




Bachelor of Science, Technology, and Society(Stanford University)

Master of Communication(Stanford University)



 Zumba Basic Training




About Elodie…

Elodie is a licensed Zumba Instructor in the Chicago area, originally from Washington state and, more recently, California. Her Zumba classes are a high-energy mix of Latin, pop, and hip-hop music that will leave you feeling energized and confident. She welcomes participants of all ages and exercise experiences to join, as her classes are all about having fun and getting a great workout at whatever level you are at. Plus, she welcomes your song suggestions, so you can look forward to dancing to your favorite tunes. Elodie’s class is guaranteed to keep you smiling, sweating, and feeling strong and sexy! She is so excited to dance with you, and can’t wait for you to join the party!”


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