Virtual Wellness

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Stay Well in the Comfort of Your Home


Although the world outside many be put on pause, it is so important that we continue our regular wellness routines.  It is scientifically proven that exercise helps reduce stress and anxiety and boosts our immune system.  In these unknown times where we need to stay calm and connected, Kb Fitness Solutions, Inc. is bringing wellness to our clients virtually.  


All of our luxury high rises and corporate accounts group fitness classes and presentations have gone virtual.  These classes are still designed for our clients and are LIVE, allowing clients to ask questions and receive as much individual attention as possible.  This platform also opens all residents and employees to participate (up to 1000 per class or presentation) unlike our on-site classes.  We realize that nothing can replace the in-person interaction given in normal circumstances, thus we are doing our best to keep as personalized until until those in-person services can continue.




Popular Virtual Classes

*    Eating to Reduce Stress

*    Foods to BOOST Your Immune System

*    Yoga

*    Meditation

*    Boot Camp




Stay Home.  Eat Well.

Our team of experts have developed a webinar series specifically designed to help your employees stay healthy during this uncertain time. We have lowered our rates and expanded our topics to be the resource for your team’s mental, physical, and emotional health.  Click HERE for our Stay Home. Eat Well Nutrition Webinar Series.



To set up virtual wellness for your organization or to get more information, please email  




Kb Virtual Fit Club

Looking for individual, ongoing virtual workouts, nutrition segments, yoga classes, meditation, and dance lessons?  Join our Kb Virtual FIT CLUB. 

Click HERE for program details.

For less than $1/day, let our professional team guide you toward optimal health!   

Click HERE to join our Kb Virtual Fit Club




Thank you for your dedication and support to continue Inspiring Healthy Lives!