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Uniquely Pilates

Posted by: Ashley Edewaard, Ph.d. - February 7, 2024

Many people who are unfamiliar with Pilates ask, “Is Pilates the same as yoga?,” or “Isn’t Pilates just stretching?” Although Pilates overlaps with other forms of exercise, it has several unique points of focus. These include core body training, breathing, movement isolation, developing small muscles, and movement biomechanics.   Core Body Training. Pilates places special […]

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Staying Neutral

Posted by: Ashley Edewaard, Ph.d. - December 18, 2023

Many people take up Pilates to improve their posture, and it’s easy to see why. Good posture is aesthetically pleasing, making us look and feel confident and poised.   But there are numerous other benefits associated with good posture—from our bodies’ perspective, good posture translates into improved functionality and freedom from pain. Good posture essentially […]

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The Core of Pilates

Posted by: Ashley Edewaard, Ph.d. - November 20, 2023

One of the fundamental principles of Pilates is strengthening the core muscles. In a Pilates session, you often hear the instructor say something like, “engage your core!” But what is the core, why is it important, and how do we activate it?   Many people are familiar with the abdominals’ role in core strength, but […]

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