For the Love of Dance

Posted by: Erica Maya - August 22, 2018

  I started this day wanting to share some information about dance, my forever love and what I

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Grab n’ Go

Posted by: admin - March 28, 2017

  Easily Prepared Foods that Support Your Fitness Goals       I love to meal prep.  Nothing

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Sleep 101

Posted by: admin - January 25, 2017

Train Better with Sleep       I’m tired. My husband is tired. Everyone I know is tired,

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Debunking Detox Diets

Posted by: admin - January 18, 2017

Have you failed your resolution?     The number one resolution people set is to lose weight and

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New Years Non Resolutions

Posted by: admin - January 9, 2017

Creating Change Any Day of the Year   Another holiday season has come and gone. Hard to believe

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New Year, New You?

Posted by: admin - December 29, 2016

What about New Years Resolutions?         With over 68% of Americans in the overweight category,

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Healthy Holiday Delights

Posted by: admin - December 28, 2016

The holiday season is full of holiday gatherings and parties! Traditional appetizers can not only pack calories without

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Keeping Those Stinky Gym Clothes Clean

Posted by: admin -

  Secret Ingredient: Baking Soda         I live in workout clothes.  I wear them to teach,

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Beat the Holiday Food Guilt

Posted by: admin - November 30, 2016

Ways to Stay on Track this Holiday Season     “I ate and drank way too much this

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Exercising with Children

Posted by: admin - November 28, 2016

They are Always Watching!       “Children are always watching,” people would tell me and boy, are

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