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Your Busy Schedule Could Benefit You

Posted by: Carlo Varquez, M.S. - January 27, 2020

The Science Behind H.I.I.T. It is recommended by the CDC (Center of Disease Control & Prevention) that we obtain 150 minutes of moderately intense or 75 minutes of vigorously intense exercise weekly. For the average person that has school, a family, work, etc, it may be hard to find a weekly routine. What I mean […]

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Your New Year

Posted by: Janine Reinholtz, M.S., R.D., L.D.N. - January 6, 2020

The most common resolution for Americans is weight loss; but we are learning more and more about health at every size and as a society we’re gaining body acceptance. Here’s a better idea for Chicago: let’s focus on a new healthy habit. This may seem strange that your dietitian is telling you to avoid focusing […]

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Posted by: Alyssa Langer, RDN, LDN - December 30, 2019

Now that the holiday season is wrapping up, the onslaught of ‘new year, new you’ is upon us. With the ringing in of each new year comes the hope and promise of a fresh start. It’s a time to reflect on our 2019, and if we achieved the goals we’d set out last January, or […]

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Finding Your Fitness Inspiration

Posted by: Carter Scott, Certified Personal Trainer - December 26, 2019

First and foremost: movement is paramount to overall health. That said, staying fit in times of stress or difficulty can be a challenge. When the weather is bad, or time is short, you’re fatigued, or for any number of other reasons, fitness can sometimes be put on the back burner. When that happens, it can […]

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Winter Squashes Galore

Posted by: Alyssa Langer, RDN, LDN - December 16, 2019

  Besides fall foliage, one of the best things about this time of year is that it’s peak winter squash season. Though these squashes are available year-round, they are the star of the show now, and I am always thrilled when it’s their time to shine.       Butternut Squash  Though it takes a […]

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Try to Maintain, Rather than Gain this Holiday Season

Posted by: Janine Reinholtz, M.S., R.D., L.D.N. - December 9, 2019

Winter with all of its festivities and chilly weather driving up our appetites; can be a challenging time for the weight conscious. For many, seasonal weight gain seems inevitable and even as the weather gets warmer, the additional weight seems to stick around. Let me reassure you: there is no mandatory weight gain every year! […]

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Gratitude will Change Your Attitude

Posted by: Karen Bobos, MSed - November 25, 2019

Earlier this year, I noticed that I was not being my typical, cheerful self.  My life, like many others, is beyond busy.  Busy is an understatement.    My typical day consists of getting up at 4:30am – yes, that is correct and not a typo.  We are up before the sun rises.  I make breakfast […]

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Dietary Supplements & Women’s Health

Posted by: Janine Reinholtz, M.S., R.D., L.D.N. - November 18, 2019

Women have very specialized needs due to our unique biology (thanks hormones!). As women go through their life journey, including special times such as adolescence, pregnancy, and menopause; our nutritional needs change and we need to focus in on whether our diet is giving us the nutrients it needs. As a dietitian, my focus is […]

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Habits for Surviving the Bleak of Winter

Posted by: Jarvis Quarterman, Certified Yoga Instructor - November 11, 2019

Life is constantly changing, so it is important that we change with the seasons just as nature does by adapting our daily habits, yoga practice and food choices. During the winter season, the energy of the Earth and its creatures is drawn inward. We can use this time for restoration and introspection, just as many […]

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