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5 Foods to Bring to a Summer Party

Posted by: Karen Bobos, MSed - July 11, 2016

  Being a Registered Dietitian, this time of year I hear so many people say the parties of the summer are throwing off their healthy habits! This doesn’t have to be the case, try one of these options to bring to your next gathering:       1.    Watermelon A great, refreshing part of any barbeque! […]

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Festive Workout Clothes for the Fourth!

Posted by: Karen Bobos, MSed - July 1, 2016

  Summer Wish List           Happy Fourth of July, folks!  It sure does feel like Memorial Day weekend was yesterday.  It’s so nice to have another long weekend of fun hopefully filled with friends, good food and drinks (in moderation, of course).  Since I live in workout clothes (what are jeans, […]

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My Postpartum Fitness Journey – Part 2

Posted by: Karen Bobos, MSed - June 20, 2016

 What Have I Been Up To?       Hi everyone!  I hope you have all been enjoying the amazing summer weather.  Remember last June?  Chilly and rainy.  Yuck.  It’s nice to take advantage of the pool so early this year!   Anyway, I wanted to touch base on how my “road back to fit” […]

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Explosive Memorial Day Workout

Posted by: Karen Bobos, MSed - June 1, 2016

End Your Holiday Weekend Off With A Bang!         And just like that, May has come to a close.  While time seems to be flying by at a startling speed for me (perhaps it is because my brain never shuts off.  Or, the lack of sleep these days), I am excited that […]

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Take Your Workouts Outdoors

Posted by: Karen Bobos, MSed - May 17, 2016

April Showers Bring May Flowers   …And Sunshine!           You never know what the month of May will bring here in Chicago.  You get that one beautiful hot day and stuff your winter gear in the closet only to find out it’s back to 50 degrees (or lower) the next day.  […]

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Warm Weather = Farmer’s Markets Season

Posted by: Karen Bobos, MSed - May 10, 2016

 It’s Starting to Warm Up Outside       The weather is warming up in Chicago and often times us city folk forget that the warm rural areas of Illinois are reaching a bountiful supply of fresh fruits and vegetables! The Daley Plaza Farmer’s Market is the longest running market in Chicago and runs from […]

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Postpartum Exercise Plan

Posted by: Karen Bobos, MSed - May 3, 2016

 Where Do I Begin?     Hi, everyone!  I apologize for my absence.  But, I have a good reason: I gave birth to my son!  I am getting back into my groove (or should I say, “new groove”) as a Mom of two, slowly but surely.  I have to give a big shout out to […]

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Eat Fish This Summer

Posted by: Karen Bobos, MSed - April 20, 2016

So what about Seafood?     The new Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that Americans eat at least 8 ounces of a variety of seafood per week. And 80-90% of Americans aren’t getting enough!  Many consume “Fish” when it’s in the form of fried, fish sticks that might not give much health benefit at all! […]

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Healthy Eating for Healthy Skin

Posted by: Karen Bobos, MSed - April 5, 2016

Tips to nourish your skin from the inside out!      Most of the research on skin health still relates to sun exposure and cancer risk. However, there is a growing body of evidence to support antioxidant rich foods for protecting your skin! Our skin is the largest organ in the body and requires nutrients […]

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