‘Tis the Season for

Holiday Webinars

Merry Fitness & Healthy Holidays! 


Helping our clients stay healthy and having fun during the holiday season, we have created a menu of festive, seasonal virtual services for their organization to enjoy in the comfort of their homes.


 Our professional wellness team offers virtual fitness classes, dance classes, cooking classes, kids classes, nutrition webinars, and more with one goal… to continue Inspiring Healthy Lives.


Festive Classes


With little or no equipment at all, participants will enjoy a holiday-themed class to burn calories or release stress.  Class pricing varies on number of classes booked and frequency.  Become a Kb Account and receive a designated wellness website where your organization can enjoy recordings of the class to participate and view at their convenience.  For more information, or to book a class, email us at info@KbFitnessSolutions.com, or call 312-222-1414.


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Santa Samba Dance Party

45-Minute Class


Get your holiday groove on with our Samba dance lesson.  No partner needed!  Dance like no one is watching, except for Santa considering he is keeping a close eye on everyone around this time.  The Samba is a Brazilian dance of African origin with a basic pattern of step-close-step-close and characterized by a dip and spring upward at each beat of the music.  The perfect class to allow your organization to let loose.



Mistletoe Meditation

35-Minute Class


All we want for Christmas is to relax!  What a year!  Are we right?    It’s time to free the mind.  Find a comfortable spot on your bed or couch, grab a blanket and pillow, and let your mind release … if only for a moment.  Our trained instructor will guide you through a series of mental imagery and exercises guaranteed to help you find peace.

Yuletide Yoga

45-Minute Class


Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. Its intention is to unite the mind, body, and spirit. Join our certified yoga instructor as she guides participants in a series of poses while keeping the breath in a natural flow rhythm.  Participants will need a yoga mat or large towel.

Jingle Jam Kids’ Dance Party

45-Minute Class


Kids will have a blast with this holiday-themed dance party.  Letting it loose to their favorite Christmas songs, kids will shake it to Jingle Bell Rock, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and more holiday favorites!  This class is open to parents with young toddlers as well as kids up to age eight.  

Box-the-Winter-Blues Away 

35-Minute Class


It’s time to release and box out the winter blues!  Cardio kickboxing is a cardiovascular workout that is a mixture of boxing, martial arts, and aerobics. Traditional movements in cardio kickboxing include kicks, punches, and other complex moves that relate to martial arts. While competitive kickboxing involves physical contact with an opponent, cardio kickboxing involves no physical contact and was designed to help people achieve a fit, healthy body.

Yoga at The North Pole

25-Minute Class


Hey Kids!  Take a journey with one of Santa’s elves to the North Pole.  Your yoga mat or beach towel will turn into a magical sleigh allowing all of your yoga poses to be sprinkled with all the wonder the season brings.  How will you decorate your Christmas Tree pose?  Have you ever done the reindeer pose?  Kids up to age eight will love this very merry yoga class! 




Virtual Cooking Classes


From our kitchen to yours!  Join our Kb Registered Dietitian as she guides your organization through three recipes, perfect for the holiday season!  Your organization will receive the ingredient list ten days prior to the class, so participants can purchase the ingredients and cook along with our RD!


Become a Kb Account and receive a designated wellness website where your organization can enjoy recordings of the class to participate at their convenience.  For more information, or to book a class, email us at info@KbFitnessSolutions.com or call 312-222-1414.


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12 Soups of Christmas

40-Minute Webinar + Q&A


The winter months bring a desire for warmth, coziness, and comfort.  Enjoy all the nutrients you need to stay healthy this season wrapped up in a delicious soup that is easy to freeze and reheat quickly after a long day of work.   Our registered dietitian will lead participants through three satisfying recipes and provide nine more options to make on their own.  Happy Soup Season!

Seasonal Smoothies

40-Minute Webinar + Q&A


Smoothies are easy and nutritious to keep your energy up while you are working through the day.  Learn to make three festive recipes with one of our Registered Dietitians using seasonal ingredients to switch it up this holiday season.  Enjoy a delicious, frosty sweet treat without the guilt!


40-Minute Webinar + Q&A


Desserts definitely get a bad wrap of empty calories and a contributor to packing on the pounds, but it doesn’t have to be the case.  There is nothing wrong with enjoying a sweet treat, especially during the holiday season.  Our registered dietitian will lead participants through three savory recipes sure to satisfy that sweet craving. 

Holiday Lite Bites

40-Minute Webinar + Q&A


Often times, we fill up on delicious appetizers before dinner is even ready.  What about only serving appetizers?  Move over cheese trays and veggie and dip, it’s time to get creating, Kb style!  Our registered dietitian will lead participants through three delicious, healthy easy-to-make appetizer recipes to serve guests and perfect for small groups considering our “new holiday” party requirements during the pandemic.  

Skinny Santa Sippers

40-Minute Webinar + Q&A


It’s easy to overindulge during the holiday season.  With all the delicious food between Thanksgiving and New Years, no need to drink unwanted calories.


Impress your friends and family and mix up some fun low-calorie cocktails.  Santa will for sure want one of these skinny sippers with his cookies on Christmas Eve.  

Healthy Cookies for Santa

40-Minute Webinar 


Kids love cookies and baking!  Let’s instill the healthy habits at a young age.  Our super-fun registered dietitian will lead parents and their kiddos through a few of her favorite healthy, holiday sweet recipes.  Santa will appreciate one of these yummy treats on Christmas Eve! 


Wellness Webinars


With the merriment of the holidays, unfortunately, comes additional stress and stains on our health.  Learn how to enjoy the holidays and come out healthier than ever with one or many of our webinars, designed to keep your team healthy while working from home. 


Webinar pricing varies on number of webinars booked and frequency.  Become a Kb Account and receive a designated wellness website where your organization can enjoy recordings of the class to participate at their convenience.  For more information, or to book a webinar, email us at info@KbFitnessSolutions.com or call 312-222-1414.


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Happy, Healthy Holidays

40 minute webinar + Q&A


Our wellness expert will help your team navigate through the holiday season, ensuring that, even during a pandemic, it remains “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”  With small modifications and helpful tips, learn how to keep this season healthy and happy.

Battling the Holiday Blues

40-minute Webinar + Q&A


While when we think “holiday season,” we often think merriment, but that isn’t the case for everyone, especially this year.  The holidays can trigger sadness.  This year many people will be missing loved ones who they cannot spend time with because of the pandemic.  Many people have lost their jobs or family members this year.  The additional stress can and will lead to health concerns.  This webinar will teach participants on how to eat to reduce stress as well as how to engage in stress-reducing measures.

Light Up with Laughter

40-minute webinar + Q&A


Laughter brings about physical, psychological, emotional, and, some say, spiritual benefits. Learn to leverage the power of a good laugh.  Let’s find your funny!