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Starting healthy habits in our kids at a young age is crucial to developing a long life of good health for our little ones.

Get Started Young


An hour of activity a day for each child is recommended by the American Council of Pediatrics for optimal health and to build a strong foundation to lead to a healthy adulthood.  It is our mission to help parents start their children at a young age understand that exercise should be a part of life and fun!  Our classes are held at our partnership luxury high-rise accounts and are open to residents and their guests.  We know how important community is when  it comes to incorporating a healthy lifestyle for your family.







Kb Babes Classes

These classes are open to a parent and their child of 2 to 3  years of age and younger.  All classes are 30-minutes in length.  The parent participates in the class with their child.  Please bring a small toy (or pool toy) for your child.






Kb Babes Swim

When six months to 3 year old kids are learning to swim, the focus is on play and song with gentle water acclimation. Parent involvement is highly encouraged and required. The children will get used to face and head submersion in a gentle, unforced way and basic freestyle kicking.




McClurg Court: Saturday Morning Class

Location: McClurg Court, 600 N. McClurg Court, 3rd floor indoor pool

Saturdays 8:00-8:30am

$149 ($30/individual class)

April 6 – May 11

LIMIT 10 parents and babes per class.  The classes will be taught by Christina Faust.

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Kb Babes Yoga

Class schedule coming soon!



Kb Babes Tumble, Twist, and Twirl

Coming Soon!


Kb Babes Tumble, Twist, & Twirl incorporates music, dance and beginner gymnastics. Starting early in these disciplines helps develop strength, flexibility, and coordination. With their parent/caregivers support, children get used to being sideways, upside down, and develop quicker reflex skills while beginning to understand where momentum comes from. This active class will get your tots doing log rolls, forward rolls & teddy bear stands. A good starter course for future dance or gymnastics.

This class is designed for babes up to age 3 years old.  Class will be cancelled if we do not have enough participants.  Invite friends with babes!










Kb Kids Classes

Our Kb Kids classes are open to kids ages 3-6 years old.  Classes are 30 minutes in length.  Parents need to remain nearby for all Kb Kids classes. Interested in starting a program for kids over 6 years old?  No problem!  Simply email info@kbfitnesssolutions.com to get the process started.



Kb Kids Swim

Children, ages 3-6 yrs, are taught through games that utilize imagination and independence and progressive drills to continue to build confidence and surface body position in the water. Skills learned are breath holding/control, freestyle kicking, back kicking, paddle survival stoke, and basic freestyle. After mastering basic skills your child then progresses to focus on freestyle with side breathing and backstroke. Each child is unique and progresses along their own path to swimming it is important to exercise patience and consistency as performance is often dynamic day to day/week to week.


McClurg Court: Saturday Morning Class
Location: McClurg Court, 600 N. McClurg Court, 3rd floor indoor pool
Saturdays 8:30-9:00am
April 6 – May 11
LIMIT 6 Kids per class. The classes will be taught by Christina Faust.

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Kb Kids Yoga

Class schedule coming soon!




Kb Kids Tumble, Twist, and Twirl

Class schedule coming soon!








Kb Fit Parents Classes

No need to find a sitter to get in your workout.  Parents can bring their little one (typically 2 or younger) to these classes, and our instructor will incorporate your child into the exercises.  Classes are 60 minutes in length.  Class is open to residents and their guests. B.Y.O.B (Bring your own babe), water bottle, sweat towel, and mat or beach towel.

With kids, often come chaos. No judgement here! We look forward to you and your child joining us!




Kb Parents – Conditioning through the Chaos

Location: The Streeter, 345 E. Ohio, 13th floor basketball court

Coming Soon!

Available to residents of The Streeter & their guests.

LIMIT 10 parents and their kiddos.








Classes are open to residents of the building that the class is held at and their guests.  Guests MUST attend with the resident.  All participants must complete our waiver and Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ) prior to attending a class, which will be sent to them via email.   All classes must be purchased by NOON the day before a class series begins.  Class passes cannot be used for future class series as each class is structured accordingly for the safety of our participants.  The pricing is the same regardless of the class type or length.


$99 for a 4-class series, $149 for a 6-class series

$30 for a single class within a series







Private Lessons

Our team of experts can schedule a private lesson for you and your child or for child over 3 years old at your home, at your time of choice, and as often as you like. 

Simply email info@KbFitnessSolutions.com to get started!

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