Celebrate National Nutrition Month

Treat your residents or employees to a variety of nutrition services to show them you support and understand that healthy eating can be challenging with a busy lifestyle.

Irish I Was Eating Healthier

Healthy Eating Made Simple



Spring Clean Eating Cooking Class

•  Invite 25-30 Participants
•  Prices vary based on participant range and number of classes held a year
•  Menu items options include , but are not limited to asparagus risotto, pan roasted artichokes, and a vitamin packed garden salad.
•  Includes Take Home-Recipes packet
•  A low-calorie cocktail will help guests feel the season even more!


•  ONLY $399 with Kb Account Discount
•  Includes Kb Insulated Lunch Bag for the first 20 participants and  Building Management Group
•  Participants will learn how to pack their lunch and bring it to work , with this fabulous “mason jar”  healthy eating made simple demo
•  Samples provided of lunches created to all participants.

Grocery Shopping Extravaganza

•  ONLY $129 with Kb Account Discount
•  Invite up to 15 residents/lesson to learn how to navigate the local grocery store in 60-75 minutes
•  Learn which cuts of meat to chose, spices to improve flavor, anti-inflammatory foods, teas and coffees for health, frozen foods that are okay, and fats to feel full.
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To get started, call 312-222-1414 or email Info@KbFitnessSolutions.com. 

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