Boxing Coaches

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Alex Martin

Professional Boxing Coach

Titles & Accomplishments

2 x National Champion

2 x USA Boxing Silver Medalist

3 x Chicago Golden Gloves Champion

4 x Ringside World Champion

USA Team Member (2009-2012)

Professional Boxer (record 14-2)

USA Boxing Certified since January 2012


About Alex

Alex started boxing in 2002 and has been a boxing coach since 2008.  He has been in 16 professional fights.  Although he is described by his coaches, mentors, and colleagues as the “Real Deal” and “the Best Boxer they have ever seen come out of Chicago,” Alex spends a majority of his time with his non-profit organization “Chi City Pride Boxing,” which he co-founded in 2013, coaching boxing to kids as young as age 8.   His outstanding teaching methods begin with breaking down the fundamentals, so anyone he trains can find the passion in boxing, whether just for a great workout or in a professional setting.


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