Personal Trainers

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Bruce Ferguson, B.S.

Certified & Degreed Exercise Physiologist/Wellness Coach



Bachelor of Science – BS, Kinesiology and Exercise Science (Oregon State University)



Wellcoaches School of Coaching Certified


CPR Certification




About Bruce

Bruce is a health and wellbeing Coaching professional with deep experience in developing rapport and trust with his clients. One of his greatest strengths include open and honest two-way communication and support through all phases of life and health regardless of where one is on that journey. Having worked as a health and wellness specialist for 20+ years, the opportunity to work with all types of individuals and groups have presented themselves. He have experience working with all age groups and fitness levels and has assisted everyone from those with chronic illness to those with aspirations of competitive athletics and sport. As he has continued to learn and grow with his clients and groups over the years, it’s worth acknowledging that the road to gain or reclaim a healthy lifestyle can be a twisting one with many ups and downs. He makes the effort to help those he works with recognize that attention to all aspects of our health and wellbeing will produce the most positive outcomes and make for a compelling future… His philosophy is that being well and taking care of ourselves gives us all a chance to live a life we find worth the effort!




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