Personal Trainers

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Trent Rallins

Certified Personal Trainer



Loyola University Chicago (Pre-requisite coursework 2013-2016)

Oakton Community College (pre-requisite coursework 2017-2019)

Bachelor of Science in Physical Education (pending degree at University of Illinois at Chicago) 



National Association of Sports Medicine:

Certified Fitness Training Professional


About Trent

Fitness at its core sparks so much positivity which In the process, frames the mind to believe in what’s possible and to attain a higher order of purpose. I believe that making a difference in a person’s life through exercise and diet produces a remarkable amount of value. Not only just in the body but the mind as well. I came to this realization as I was going through my own fitness journey. It is a constant challenge that takes molding and redefining, but through each challenge you grow as an individual. It’s that courage that pushes me to be my best and help others hopefully have their own fitness epiphany.


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