Yoga Instructors

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Jessi Toumeh

Certified Yoga Sculpt Instructor




Master’s of Science in Biotechnology (Northwestern University)


Bachelor’s of Science in Biomedical Engineering (University of Texas at Arlington)




200-Hour Registered Yoga Sculpt Teacher (CorePower)




About Jessi . . .

I love integrating yoga with the fundamental practices of building muscle. I began my yoga sculpt journey during the coronavirus pandemic, and it was an experience that lifted my spirits and mental journey. I started teaching yoga at CorePower, where I received my certification, and from there I have absolutely loved the mental and physical challenge that comes with it. When I flow with weights, I feel empowered!

I can incorporate other aspects of yoga since it is not a one size fits all practice. I am certified to teach to all kinds of levels and ages. I cater my classes to those that have injuries and offer modifications/options for all skill levels throughout class

Hope we can flow and build together!


About Yoga Sculpt …

Yoga sculpt is a workout-inspired style of yoga that’s more fast-paced, involving more movement than “traditional” yoga and even the addition of weights.  Yoga Sculpt allows you to build lean muscle and boost the metabolism through movement.  As a result, yoga sculpt is ideal for “sculpting” i.e., muscle toning and weight loss.  It’s also ideal for people who prefer to move in their yoga practice.


Yoga Sculpt is for all fitness levels and ages and can be adapted toward individual goals, ailments, and physical concerns.


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