Stay Home. Eat Well.

Nutrition Webinar Series

Our team of experts have developed a webinar series specifically designed to help your organization stay healthy while many companies are now working from home.  Let our team be the resource for your team’s mental, physical, and emotional health.  


We are all struggling with this new normal.  The feelings people are experiencing has been compared to how an individual feels while grieving a loss.  They are experiencing a lack of control.  They are scared.  They miss life as they knew it.  We cannot control what is going on, outside of staying home and practicing social distancing, but we can control how we handle it.  We can control how we help others.  Let our experts take the wheel on this crazy road and invest in your team’s health. 




Stay Home. Eat Well.
Nutrition Webinar Topics




Eating to Reduce Stress

The foods that we eat play a large role in stress reduction. Choosing healthy foods can actually impact your mood on a positive note, helping to relieve tension, stabilize blood sugar, and send your stress packing. Our Registered Dietitian will lead a demonstration of foods to eat to help reduce stress, and its related health concerns.





New Normal = New Health Routine

As much as we want life to return to normal ASAP, we do not know when that will be.  Instead of focusing on what we cannot control, focus your energy on establishing a long-term, healthy lifestyle while at home and that can be continued once in-person socializing resumes.  Our expert will help guide you in the right direction to create guidelines toward achieving balance and creating a healthy plan with positive outcomes.





BOOST Your Immune System

To keep our immune system balanced, we need to ensure that we are consuming a diet adequate in micronutrients, which we wouldn’t normally consider when contemplating a healthy diet.  A deficiency in specific micronutrients will limit the body’s ability to defend itself, allowing the infection to take hold.  Our Kb Registered Dietitian will help you achieve a “gut healthy” diet to help you have a strong immune system.





Easy Ways to Get Creative with Your Cooking

OK.  Cooking at home can be fun, but not every-single-night for over a month.  And when you can’t go out to shopping as often as you like or even order groceries often, let’s face it, getting creative with a minimal amount of food and ingredients in your pantry can be tough.  Our Kb Registered Dietitian will provide you with some solid takeaway information on how to get creative with some basics in your pantry and some key items to add to your grocery list to help spruce up your cooking.  Who knows, maybe you will find a hidden talent that you didn’t know you had?






Dining In A Lot

Yep.  You can only cook so much, or perhaps cooking at home was never your cup of tea.  With restaurants being closed and only offering curbside pick up, you have resorted to dining in, . . .  A LOT.  The restaurants definitely appreciate your support and are doing their best to accommodate individual requests.   Pizza is inexpensive and can last for several days, but it is really not the best choice on a regular basis.  Our Kb Registered Dietitian will give you their best tips on how to select restaurants with the healthiest menus and the BUZZ words to lookout for when ordering.





Now is NOT the Time to Diet

With life feeling out of control, our focus needs to be on finding balance, NOT eliminating nutrients that we need for optimal health.  Our Kb Registered Dietitian will guide you in the right direction on how to make simple daily goals to avoid weight gain and achieve healthy, nutrient based meals.  This positive-focused webinar will provide many takeaways on what is important in our meal plan to get us through this difficult time.






Brain Food

Many of us are having a difficult time “Thinking Straight” as our normal life has been swept out from under our feet.  All the ingredients of what fuels our brain day in and out has been replaced with stress, anxiety, restless sleep, and grabbing calorie-dense food for snacks throughout the day.   We need to feed our brain and give it the fuel it needs to function, think clearly, and optimally perform.   You will leave this webinar feeling empowered to get your brainwaves ready for the world.







Each webinar is ONLY $249.   Book a monthly webinar for the entire year, and save $50/webinar!  We are here to help you!  Thank you for helping us continue to do what we love

Inspiring Healthy Lives!




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