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Joan O’Hara – Chicago, Illinois

A friend recommended Karen from Kb Fitness Solutions to me and another friend to get on a good workout program. We have been a partof E2F for over 5 months with dual training sessions and have enjoyed them. I have never worked with weights before but Karen and Ali have shown me how important it is to incorporate them in a workout routine. They are very knowledgeable and have created a program that works for me and I am seeing results. Karen has been great at helping us keep committed to our training schedule, to push ourselves, and to set higher goals. Working out with a friend always pushes you to show up and the dual training sessions have been ideal. I recommend them if you are serious about maintaining a rigorous exercise schedule to help you achieve your fitness goals. I can say it has been more than a good experience, it has been GREAT! Thank you.


Bethany Stark Chicago, Illinois

After having my first baby in September 2010 (and not exercising as regularly as I should have been during my pregnancy)-I was anxious to get back in shape. Not only did I want to get back in my pre-pregnancy jeans–but I also needed to bring back the muscle tone that seemed to have disappeared during my ‘hibernation’. I quickly realized after returning to work full time (with a pretty grueling travel schedule) that I was going to need to help to get started. I have been working with Karen since March and am so thrilled a friend provided the recommendation. Not only does she provide tough and customized workouts–but she honestly makes early morning work-outs more fun! While I am own worst critic (and still need to step it up in the nutrition dept)–I have definitely noticed a change in the way my clothes fit and truly feel stronger than I have in some time. Karen is a true pro and a delight to be around. I have been very satisfied with my investment in Kb Fitness Solutions….and me!


Jackie Guilbeau – Chicago, IL

As a satisfied client of Kb Fitness Solutions for the past 5 months, I wanted to take a minute to share my experience. My friend and I have truly enjoyed our dual training sessions. We workout with either Karen or Ali who are both great and have unique approaches to helping us meet our fitness goals. They are passionate about what they do and do their best to make working out fun while also ensuring we push ourselves to the limit each and every session. Kb Fitness Solutions is structured perfectly with multiple trainers (so there is always a trainer available to meet your schedule), registered dietitians (who work closely with the trainers to provide nutritional guidance and tips and massage therapists (who are there to soothe away my aches and pains and reward my hard work and progress in meeting my fitness goals). While I haven’t yet attained all of my goals, I am moving in the right direction and am grateful for the encouragement, guidance, challenging workouts, and genuine interest the staff at Kb Fitness Solutions provides.

Working out is not my favorite thing to do but it’s more palatable with the company of a friend and the guidance of a highly qualified trainer.


Inez Galt – Chicago, IL

Client since October 2007

I am writing this testimonial with pleasure as a completely satisfied customer of Kb Fitness Solutions. The 3 person team that provides me stellar personal training is dedicated, professional, reliable, and enjoyable. They have high standards, are always encouraging and challenging, and definitely ensure that I achieve the goals I am seeking. It is novel and interesting to have a team approach to fitness. Each training session of the week has a different member of the team. The different personalities create variation of exercises, unique training experiences, flexibility in scheduling and camaraderie.


Since each member of the team is an expert, I feel confident with the effectiveness of the individual’s selection of the exercises. It has been over seven months of working together and I continue to be delighted with my Kb Fitness Solutions team and our results. Every exercise session I have had with them has been excellent. The 30 Sessions, training 3 days per week package is also a good value, and I appreciate the added benefits it has. In fact, I have had several of these packages and am continuing to enjoy them. I highly recommend Kb Fitness Solutions for anyone who is truly serious about maintaining a rigorous exercise schedule and has objectives of striving to improve strength, balance and cardiovascular fitness; and would also like to make some wonderful new friends. I have discovered that the members of my team are very caring, refreshing and creative.


Carla Cooper – Chicago, IL

Being a 45-year old woman who has a highly intense, stressful job that includes traveling, I clearly understand the need to keep in shape, feel good, and find energy. Working out is very important to my physical and mental well-being.


Karen is first committed to what she does and clearly she shows a vested interested in her clients. She holds you also accountable so that together you are able to reach your goals — like for me calling me when I am traveling to make sure I did my workout or keeping a record of your food and activity (She knows I hate this but honestly, when you read it later it matters.) And yes, I have to eat something healthy before I work out at 6:30 am .!! Fuel for the body as she says…And she is right. She always knows when I skip meals.


Her routines are the BEST!!! Challenging and fun!! She makes the workout go by fast, she pushes when she knows you can do it and doesn’t when she knows you need to rest. Her enthusiasm allows you to do one more rep. For me, it is about having someone to push me and insure that I am working all the right muscles and keeping me dedicated to the process and form.


Karen truly is a professional who cares about her clients, knows her stuff, and fits to their needs. She understands lifestyle, health, image, and works with her clients to achieve results. She now has become a part of my weekly routine.


P.S. A happy client!!



Jeffrey Smith – Chicago, IL

Taking private yoga classes with Karen over the past four years has been a wonderful addition to my life. It has helped me maintain physical and mental vibrancy while helping me reduce and manage stress. After years doing typical health club workouts involving weights and machines, I was ready for something different. Karen’s home-based, personalized yoga sessions have turned out to be an invigorating new challenge. Two to three sessions per week have provided me with a surprisingly complete and rigorous strength, endurance, and flexibility workout. Karen is an excellent motivator and her knowledge and creativity keeps the sessions challenging and interesting.


Robbin Carrol – Chicago, IL

I have had many trainers…but no one like you! We have been training since September 2002. As you know, I whine, would not go, and look for any excuse not to work out and yet with you, I show up, have fun, and still whine. I will never love exercise like you do, but at least your love of it gets me to try.


Russ & Diana Iacono – Chicago, IL

Karen has been a very motivating trainer for us, not only in our workouts, but in our life. While recently vacationing in Italy , we often referred to our workouts being instrumental in our abilities to hike up and down the steep hills. She reminds us of the importance of proper nutrition and hydration… sometimes too much… but we appreciate her persistence. Our workouts are specifically geared toward our goals, incorporating exercises recommended by our physical therapists from previous injuries. Our flexibility, strength, and balance are improving each day. She takes a realistic approach to incorporating a healthy lifestyle, so we can have fun while living healthy. Woo Hoo!


Eugene Lipov M.D

Director Pain Research – Alexian Brothers Hospital System

I have known Karen over four years and have found her a delight and a highly knowledgeable exercise physiologist wrapped in to a package of fun and determination. If she can motivate and make me exercise (the ultimate slug who needs to understand the reason for all medically related activities – med school side effect), she can help anyone.

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