Obtainable Goals

September 16, 2019

  Honesty and self-awareness are key to setting and achieving obtainable goals which, in turn, create a history of success.


In my former singing career, history of success was a powerful tool. If I set an obtainable goal of learning an opera role bit by bit on a set schedule and stuck to it, I would learn the role without undue stress and be prepared for the staging rehearsals when the time came. Today, I do the same thing with fitness. I break down my larger goal into smaller, achievable goals. For example, I set aside time in my schedule to go the gym and make healthy meals at home. Taking these smaller steps helps me reach my larger fitness goals.


The factors of time management, fitness level and drive figure into our honest assessment of our goals. In my experience, time management is the most important of these. Most people are unrealistic with how many days and for how long they are going to work out. Then, when they do not meet these goals, they feel defeated.


Instead, I recommend being conservative with how much time you think you’re going to work out in a week. When you complete or exceed this goal, you’ll have a history of success. You’ll feel good about your accomplishment!


We all have demons or negative thoughts that will consciously or unconsciously sabotage our vision. This is where honesty and self-awareness can help.  If we create a positive environment associated with movement and healthy living, we will be more prone to move and make healthy choices. As a history of success kicks in, we gain our goals. Eventually, our better choices become a daily priority.

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