Measure Your Food: The Importance of Portion Size Awareness

October 28, 2019

More food equals more calories. Simple, right? Yet, the biggest culprit in weight gain is the over consumption of calories. To lose weight, it’s important to know—and be honest about!—the amount of food you are actually eating.



A portion is not what you would like for it to be. Rather it is the measurement a food company uses to present the nutrition facts in the best light.   Examine the serving size found at the top of the label closely. Many times, this breakdown is really 2 to 3 portions. If you consume the whole package, then you have eaten 2 to 3 times the calories!




Kitchen Tips for Portion Size


We all know cooking and meal prep at home is best for weight management. But are you sure you know what a portion really looks like? The best way to do this is to measure your food. Here are some tips to use in the kitchen:


·         Keep measuring spoons handy. Only by using them will you know what a teaspoon and tablespoon really look like            


·         Keep measuring cups handy. Find out what one fourth, one half and one cup actually look like


·         Weigh your protein to be aware of what 100, 200 and 300 grams looks like. Don’t have a kitchen scale? Get one and keep it on the kitchen counter


·         Measure your cooking fat before you use it. Freely pouring of olive oil, even though it is a healthy fat, is NOT being aware



Knowing portion size in your kitchen will help you tremendously when you go to restaurants. American restaurants serve larger portions. Try getting two meals of your next meal out. You will help your weight management and your budget. Take a doggie bag home for tomorrow’s lunch.



Being mindful and aware are critical to being successful in your weight management. This is a battle we all can win if we have and use the tools at our disposal.




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