Finding Your Fitness Inspiration

December 26, 2019

First and foremost: movement is paramount to overall health. That said, staying fit in times of stress or difficulty can be a challenge. When the weather is bad, or time is short, you’re fatigued, or for any number of other reasons, fitness can sometimes be put on the back burner. When that happens, it can be helpful to have inspiration. Or, if your old inspiration isn’t doing it for you, it can be helpful to find a new one.


For example, a while ago my beloved Fitbit broke. I had no idea how much it inspired me until I went without it. I didn’t change my workout schedule, but I wasn’t able to track my fitness on micro and macro levels. I missed seeing what my Fitbit told me I had accomplished on a daily basis. Then, I was gifted an Apple Watch. Now, it’s my number one tool for inspiration and motivation. The sense of achievement when I “close my rings,” tick off a day of movement or earn a virtual award is exciting.


Social media can be another source of inspiration. I recommend following people on Instagram or Facebook who will motivate you. These can be athletes, body builders, chefs, farmers—whatever speaks to you and helps you keep your movement and dietary goals on track. Being whole foods plant based, I follow like-minded fitness professionals and amateurs, vegan restaurants and chefs for inspiration.


Fitness is an ongoing, lifetime endeavor. It’s likely that your inspiration and motivation will change over time. Maybe today, it’s a photo of one of your sports heroes on the fridge door that helps you keep to your diet. Tomorrow, it could be a Fitbit or Apple Watch that helps you track your movement. Or, perhaps it’s an item of clothing you’d like to wear. Finding a tool that works for you doesn’t have to be hard and can be the key to your fitness success.

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