Pool Safety Tips for Summer

May 28, 2021

Memorial Day Weekend is here, which means our long lost friend, Summer, is happily knocking at our front door again for us to come out and play!


Whether you have plans to celebrate the upcoming 3-day weekend or you’re laying low, it’s important to brush up on our pool safety before summer is in full-swing.


According to the CDC, the number one cause of unintentional death for children (ages 1 to 4) is drowning. 74% of fatal pool accidents typically occur at residential locations. As a swim coach for Kb Fitness Solutions, I cannot stress enough the importance of teaching your children proper pool safety.


Here are my top 5 tips for pool safety this summer!


Pick A Water Watcher – No Distractions!


An adult should ALWAYS be present if children are in or around the pool. If there are multiple adults present, pick a Water Watcher for 15 minutes and alternate in shifts. Sadly, accidents can happen within a few seconds, even when you check your phone for 5 seconds. Put down the phone or store your book away. If your child is not comfortable swimming on their own without a floatation device, I strongly recommend an adult remains in the pool. Air-blown floaties, water wings, etc. have their own defects; If any of those have a tiny tear in them, an inexperienced swimmer is more likely to drown.

Wear a Swim Suit


Never wear street clothes in the water. Street clothes are not meant to be submerged in water; therefore,  they will become heavier when soaked. If you wear street clothes in a pool, you have a higher chance of sinking in the water or tiring yourself out from treading water with heavy clothes on. Better to stick with your swim suit or hang outside of the pool for the day!


No Running!


Yeah, I know your mind read that in an annoying high-pitched life guard voice. We’ve all had our fair share of scolding as kids when it came to running around the pool – there’s too much fun to be had to walk at a slow, safe pace! However, there is some truth to the whole “no running” rule… it’s incredibly easy to slip and hit your head or break your wrist from attempting to cushion that fall. Now, THAT would be a mood-killer for a fun-in-the-sun pool day!

Secure Your Pool


You know how kids always find their way into doing something that they were specifically told not to do?  Falling into a pool easily fits into that category. Not only is securing your pool with a fence safe for your children, it’s extremely practical for your pets who may not know how to swim either! Secure your pool with a fence that’s at least four feet tall surrounding all sides of the pool. Don’t forget those self-closing and self-latching gates.

Enroll Children In Swim Lessons


One of the best investments for your children is swim lessons. Learning survival skills in the water is, in my opinion, absolutely essential and can save their life later down the road. I believe there is no starting age limit when enrolling your child in swim lessons. My youngest student I’ve ever had in a class was 6 months old! The younger they are introduced to the water and pool safety, the more comfortable they will be as they grow older. And who knows… maybe they’ll end up becoming the next Michael Phelps!


If you are interested in our swim lesson packages and enrolling your child (or yourself) in private swim lessons, reach out to us at or call 312-222-1414.


Have a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

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