Making Fitness A Lifelong Habit

April 25, 2022

Wanting to get on track and actually getting (and then staying) on track are two totally different things. This is for everything in life. With fitness, there is no clear-cut way to make it a habit in your life. Every person has their own “recipe” to sustain long-term success with health and fitness. Becoming fit is an active and lifelong process. The following strategies can help you find your own unique recipe.

1. Stop aiming for perfection. Something is always better than nothing. Forget the “all or nothing” to health.

2. Convenience and consistency is key.

3. Find your exercise “high.” Adopt fitness activities that you enjoy and will want to do consistently.

4. Discover your “Why.” Finding the deeper meaning to why you are committing to a fit and active lifestyle.

5. Flip any negative thoughts. Remember, moving is a privilege. Thinking positive and being grateful will help appreciate the ability to move.

6. Preparation will equate to success. Determine your priorities and plan for the week ahead.




While on your fitness journey, it is important to highlight the difference between goals and wishes. Goals require a call to action, while wishes are “a want or desire.” Sometimes, your goals are not connected to your life and reality because goals without a plan are wishes. To adjust this, the following steps can help.

1. Try to stop saying the “too busy” excuse. Pair your fitness activities with other non-negotiable activities.

2. Focus on gradual progression. Don’t try to tackle everything at one time, Try adding one good habit and removing one bad habit one week or month at a time.

3. Establish a WWWH plan. WWWH stands for what you will do, where you will do it, when, and how. Be realistic with this plan!

4. Respect your genetics and the realities of your life. Aim to be the best version of you.  Nobody else!

5. Form goals that are relevant and important to you.

6. Learn from yourself and others. Determine what was successful and unsuccessful.



Highlighting your strengths and weaknesses is a great feedback system. I hope this information encourages you that your quest for long-term health is not impossible but requires hard work and determination. Accountability is also a great tool, so seeking professionals in the field that support you can go a long way.

The Author

Carlo Varquez, M.S.

I believe in the practice of preventative health. The only way to combat chronic diseases is through preventative action such as exercise and diet. My health and wellness career started within myself. After being an active person in high school through sports, my fitness dropped entering college. I gained unhealthy habits that lead to weight gain. To prevent any complications, I made some time to be active again by picking up weight lifting. Through that, I found myself wanting to help others before it was too late for them. As I gained my masters degree, I interned at the Cardiac Rehabilitation department at Advocate Lutheran General. I saw firsthand what cardiovascular disease can do, and what the action plan is to help those people return back to their daily routine. The time to make change is now, but it doesn’t need to be done alone. The science behind exercise is a powerful tool that is often overlooked. I want to motivate and increase self-efficacy to help others achieve their goals.

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