Getting Started on Weight Training this Summer

July 5, 2022

Now, summer is a great time to try new things. With that being said, I want to share some tips on how to start lifting weights as a beginner. Honestly, just get it started. Execution is the biggest thing. I feel like many people do research on some sort of lifting strategy but develop cold feet getting to the gym. To combat this, I recommend assistance.



The most important in weight training is form. You can watch all the videos you want on form for every exercise, but until there is execution, it will be difficult to get going. Therefore, entering the gym with a knowledge friend or speaking with personal trainer will be important with this execution. Here is the thing, when I see beginners go to the gym, they pick random machines without any guidance.



Lastly, start with the basic movements. I feel like people like to jump into the crazy complex movements, but mastering the squat, mastering the lunge, and starting to do some pushups are great fundamental steps. Along with learning form, sticking to your basic movements will help provide a strong foundation for the start of your weight training fitness. If you do not know your basics, reach out to a fitness professional, so you can learn proper technique early. I run into many people who reached out to a fitness professional way too late. When this happens, the first few sessions are spent CORRECTING bad form that has become a habit.

The Author

Carlo Varquez, M.S.

I believe in the practice of preventative health. The only way to combat chronic diseases is through preventative action such as exercise and diet. My health and wellness career started within myself. After being an active person in high school through sports, my fitness dropped entering college. I gained unhealthy habits that lead to weight gain. To prevent any complications, I made some time to be active again by picking up weight lifting. Through that, I found myself wanting to help others before it was too late for them. As I gained my masters degree, I interned at the Cardiac Rehabilitation department at Advocate Lutheran General. I saw firsthand what cardiovascular disease can do, and what the action plan is to help those people return back to their daily routine. The time to make change is now, but it doesn’t need to be done alone. The science behind exercise is a powerful tool that is often overlooked. I want to motivate and increase self-efficacy to help others achieve their goals.

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