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October 18, 2022

It is 2022 and the age of social media. There are new trends popping out every day. This is especially true in the fitness industry.  A recent article has stated that most Gen Z’s actually use social media, especially Instagram and Tik Tok, like Google. It is amazing to see how things have changed in the last decade or so.  I get it. It is super easy to scroll down and find things quickly in a 10-second, mind-engaging video. My goal for this blog is to dissect the most popular trends in the past year and share my professional thoughts on them.




12-3-30 Method

This is the workout method that went viral overnight. You set your treadmill to an incline of 12% and a speed of 3.0mph, and then you walk for 30 minutes. This sounds easy, but 12% incline gets hard FAST! This method is great for low-intensity steady state workouts. This method helps promote your body’s fat-burning mechanism. This method was created by Lauren Giraldo but has quickly taken over social media with people touting its transformative results. Lauren Giraldo is an actress, so I can see this method be really effective to maintain a certain figure.




My thoughts on this LISS workout are positive. This is an easy source of cardio that is low intense and saves your joints. This method brings positive light to incline walking. Before, it would be either walk to cool down or running, which can become too intense. Incline walking can dramatically increase your heart rate and burn more calories than walking. On the other hand, what I don’t like about the 12-3-30 method is that it becomes your full and only workout. The tough part of this one is that it already takes up 30 minutes of your time. For many individuals, 30 minutes is already enough. It would be difficult to encourage an individual to do more.




27-7-2 Stairmaster Workout

This is another workout named after the details of the workout. The 25-7-2 workout takes place on the Stairmaster instead of the treadmill. To do this trending workout that will burn your legs, hop on the Stairmaster and set it for level 7 for 25 minutes. Two stands for doing this workout twice a week. For this workout, it is important to watch posture when doing each step because it is very easy to get lazy and slouch to lose the form needed to do this exercise correctly. To make this extra challenging, you can try skipping a step or do side steps.



My thoughts on this workout are similar to the 12-3-30 method. It is a tough workout that will get you going, but I am afraid that individuals will focus only on the 2 and think that 2 workouts a week is enough.





Mini HIIT Workouts

We are all busy individuals. Instead of doing one 1-hour workout, do a few mini workouts throughout the day. So, the popularity of mini HIIT workouts have grown because of this. I totally get it. In a perfect world, this can succeed. On the other hand, I don’t think this is totally realistic. What is realistic is devoting an hour (1/24th of your day) or 30 minutes (1/48th of your day) to the gym. Remember, the gym is your time, or fitness is your time if you do workouts in your living room or somewhere else. Fitness has a therapeutic value to it. So, it is your time to listen to music, clear your head, sweat out, pump and burn your muscles, and etc. Planning and trying to find your where to fit in fitness into the day is biggest challenge, but that is where I find the most benefit.




I find that mini workouts are not very effective in the long run because there will be days where it will be near impossible to get any workout in. Fixating on mini workouts everyday seems like a more daunting task than planning your week and finding your workout and rest days. To clarify, a mini workout is 5-20 minutes. To even advocate for a small workout like that is tough. A small workout like that wouldn’t be as impactful. The body and the muscles need overload to make a change at the molecular level. Sure, there will be a little sweat, but it won’t be as effective. Your muscles will recover by the time for 2nd or 3rd workout, and you will be starting from the beginning again. There will be no overload and enough stress to make a difference.




At the end of the day, there are no quick fixes that truly work in fitness. If you find a strength workout and pair it with a cardio or core circuit, that is going to be a great workout. However, remember, fitness does require consistence and personalization. Trends and popular methods are very general. To truly understand the right type of fitness for you, consulting with a certified professional personal trainer will provide great benefit. If that is something you are seeking, please do not hesitant in reaching out to Kb Fitness Solutions, Inc.

The Author

Carlo Varquez, M.S.

I believe in the practice of preventative health. The only way to combat chronic diseases is through preventative action such as exercise and diet. My health and wellness career started within myself. After being an active person in high school through sports, my fitness dropped entering college. I gained unhealthy habits that lead to weight gain. To prevent any complications, I made some time to be active again by picking up weight lifting. Through that, I found myself wanting to help others before it was too late for them. As I gained my masters degree, I interned at the Cardiac Rehabilitation department at Advocate Lutheran General. I saw firsthand what cardiovascular disease can do, and what the action plan is to help those people return back to their daily routine. The time to make change is now, but it doesn’t need to be done alone. The science behind exercise is a powerful tool that is often overlooked. I want to motivate and increase self-efficacy to help others achieve their goals.

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