Signs You Should Push Pause on Your Workout

November 13, 2023

Four Signs You Should Pause Working Out


Whether you are an avid gym goer or new to fitness, it’s so important to listen to your body. There are warning signs that can help you avoid health problems and serious injury. When these warning signs appear, it is important to listen to your body.


If any of the following indicators pop up during your workout, you may be pushing your body a little too hard below.


1. Chest pain or heart palpitations:


If you feel tightness in your chest, or your heart rate suddenly changes, stop working out immediately, It could be due to any number of causes, from coronary artery disease to a heart attack, which is why you should seek medical attention, especially if you have other symptoms listed here.


2. Shortness of breath:


If you exercise regularly, you’re aware of how your breathing deepens as your workout intensifies. But there is a difference between breathing more deeply and gasping for air. If you’re doing a familiar activity and you’re having problems breathing, or if your breathing drastically changes while working out, stop to catch your breath – then talk to a medical professional.


3. Feeling lightheaded or dizzy:


This could be as simple as needing to eat or drink water, particularly if you haven’t eaten in a while. But if you still feel poorly after a meal and plenty of fluids, or if you are sweating profusely or faintly, it’s time to pause your physical fitness routine and find professional medical attention. Moreover, there are medications that can affect how your body reacts to exercise, particularly medicines used to regulate blood pressure and heart or lung conditions.


4. Sharp pain, particularly in your joints:


As your workout builds, you might feel slight strains in your muscles or mild joint pain. If this happens frequently and recedes after your workout, there’s no need to panic. But if you suddenly experience a sharp pain in your shoulder, knee, or hip, for example, then the pain often indicates some type of injury within the joint. Icing and rest can help, but if the problem persists, you may also need to seek medical attention.


If you’re looking for advice on how to be more active safely, please reach out to KB Fitness Solutions. Our team of certified fitness professionals will be glad to help you achieve what you are meant to achieve!

The Author

Carlo Varquez, M.S.

I believe in the practice of preventative health. The only way to combat chronic diseases is through preventative action such as exercise and diet. My health and wellness career started within myself. After being an active person in high school through sports, my fitness dropped entering college. I gained unhealthy habits that lead to weight gain. To prevent any complications, I made some time to be active again by picking up weight lifting. Through that, I found myself wanting to help others before it was too late for them. As I gained my masters degree, I interned at the Cardiac Rehabilitation department at Advocate Lutheran General. I saw firsthand what cardiovascular disease can do, and what the action plan is to help those people return back to their daily routine. The time to make change is now, but it doesn’t need to be done alone. The science behind exercise is a powerful tool that is often overlooked. I want to motivate and increase self-efficacy to help others achieve their goals.

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