Getting Back to the Gym – Expectations

January 3, 2024

5 Tips on How to Get Back to the Gym After Taking a Hiatus and Expectations


It’s easy to stop going to the gym in the middle of the year and so much harder to get back into it if after a long break. Maybe you’re on your way to recovering from an injury, maybe you’ve just come back from a holiday, or maybe life got in the way. In the New Year, here are some tips on how to get back to the gym after taking a long break and expectations.


Don’t expect to be at the same level you were before


Unfortunately, regardless of whether you are a runner, weightlifter, or Zumba enthusiast, taking time off from exercise means that you will lose some of your conditioning. It doesn’t mean that you’ll never get back to the same level or surpass it. It just means that you may start at a lower weight, slower running pace, or dance intensity than before your break. This is completely normal.


Be patient


It is important to understand that it can be difficult knowing that you’re not lifting as heavy, or running as fast or long as you could but you need to be patient. Work with the strength or energy you have now, and trust that as long as you are consistent and continue to workout, you will return to normal within a few weeks.

Don’t try to push yourself from the beginning as this will only increase your risk of injury. Injuries can really delay yourself being in the gym developing a routine.


Don’t do too much


Don’t try to do all the exercises at once. Stick to a few to ease yourself back into it and give your body time to adjust to the change.Then you can gradually go back to your normal routine over time.


Remember, there will be soreness


Contrary to popular belief, feeling sore isn’t a good indicator of whether you’ve had a good workout or not. If you’re feeling sore, it’s probably because you’re doing a new exercise or you haven’t trained in a while. So if you’re getting back to the gym after a long break, you’ll most likely feel it the next day.


The soreness won’t last forever, so once you get back into a routine, you will find yourself being able to work out without feeling the soreness afterward. To help recover faster, make sure that you properly warm up before exercising and cool down afterward. Stretch during every session and employ other tools to help such as foam rolling.


Get a personal trainer


If you want the extra help, then a personal trainer can be really helpful. Personal trainers can provide you the extra push needed to get back in your fitness habit, safely. They can create a workout plan for you based on your goals, and show you how the machines work around the facility.


If you are recovering from an injury though, we recommend that you enlist the help of a trainer or coach. This is so that modifications can be made for your rehab process. This is vital so that you don’t undo all the progress you’ve made in recovery and make it worse.


If you’re looking for advice on how to be more active safely, please reach out to KB Fitness Solutions. Our team of certified fitness professionals will be glad to help you achieve what you are meant to achieve!

The Author

Carlo Varquez, M.S.

I believe in the practice of preventative health. The only way to combat chronic diseases is through preventative action such as exercise and diet. My health and wellness career started within myself. After being an active person in high school through sports, my fitness dropped entering college. I gained unhealthy habits that lead to weight gain. To prevent any complications, I made some time to be active again by picking up weight lifting. Through that, I found myself wanting to help others before it was too late for them. As I gained my masters degree, I interned at the Cardiac Rehabilitation department at Advocate Lutheran General. I saw firsthand what cardiovascular disease can do, and what the action plan is to help those people return back to their daily routine. The time to make change is now, but it doesn’t need to be done alone. The science behind exercise is a powerful tool that is often overlooked. I want to motivate and increase self-efficacy to help others achieve their goals.

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