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Providing on-site services in the Chicagoland and Indianapolis area to individuals, luxury high rises, organizations, hotels, and corporations, our boutique-style wellness company caters to any client’s needs or busy schedule. Bring services to the client’s home, organization, or place of business, allows individuals to have no excuses for not making time for their health.


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December 4, 2023 | Blogs


Make Training Less Complex with More Complexes

Life is demanding and fast. If you are like me, with a busy, on-the-go lifestyle, you might not have more than an hour to get inside the gym and train. The purpose of this blog is to show an alternative to your current fitness regime to make your time more efficient!   If you can […]


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What our clients are saying


  • I hate exercise and have for all 72 years of my life! So, no one could be more surprised than I about how much I'm enjoying my personal training sessions. My trainer is fantastic and has a delightful personality as well. I'm so glad Karen Bobos came to our building to introduce me to KB Fitness Solutions!

    Julie Finney, Personal Training Client

  • My daughter (age 4) was not able to do anything close to resemble a swim stroke last year. Now she is swimming laps across the pool with great form. Shout out to your swim coaches, Kb Fitness Solutions!

    Katie Crain, Child is a Swim Lesson Client

  • Honestly, my trainer is just great! I am amazed at what I am now able to do and my muscle tone and flexibility. It's really remarkable. She's very attentive and has really helped me progress! And I just love the yoga instructors too!

    Kimberly Mulcahy, Personal Training Client & Group Fitness Class Participant

  • Karen, Thanks for all your help. I love the workouts and your staff.

    Lois Zoller, Personal Training Client

  • My trainer is really amazing. I like her a lot. She is extremely clear in her explanations, she's very focused on form and on how to avoid injuries, her sessions are adapted for my needs/strengths/weaknesses, she's been taking great care of me, her work out session are never boring, it never becomes routine/boring/predictable, she always comes up with something new!

    Caroline Lemoine, Personal Training Client

  • One of our week’s highlights? Working out with our Kb Fitness Solutions, Inc., trainer! Each session includes new routines and old favorites. She is extremely conscientious in attending to individual needs—and introducing FUN! We are both more flexible, agile and energetic. Cheers to Kb Fitness and our trainer! Thank you.

    Ginny and Jack Jones, Personal Training Clients

  • Thank you for organizing this super fun event. Love the "Irish Maid" cocktail and delicious recipes!

    Marietta Azavedo, Irish Dancing & Cooking Class Attendee