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The Importance of a Cool Down

Posted by: Jamie Horban - March 20, 2023

People often ask me after I teach a class or do a workout “why do you stay and stretch for ten-fifteen minutes afterwards? Didn’t you already work out?”  It surprises me when I see people just leave a class (especially an aerobics class) to leave and walk right out into the cold or snow. Truly, that […]

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How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer

Posted by: Carlo Varquez, M.S. - March 13, 2023

A personal trainer should hold a current certification accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) to give you the assurance that you are working with a professional who has the knowledge and skills to provide you with a safe and effective workout. There was an initiative launched in 2003 that called for all […]

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March is National Nutrition Month

Posted by: Laura Cason, B.S., R.D., L.D.N. - March 6, 2023

    I really like themes for my blogs because each it helps bring different aspect of nutrition to life. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics announces its annual theme in March, and this year is Fuel for the Future. This combines both food as fuel and also highlights the environmental aspects of nutrition.   […]

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Why Should You Try Pilates?

Posted by: Jamie Horban - February 27, 2023

Back in my 20s when I was dancing and training to be in a world-famous dance company, I had a serious injury-I tore a tendon in my right hip. I was very frightened I would never be able to continue dancing again, but luckily, I found a physical therapist who was certified in Pilates, and […]

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Loving Yourself During the Season of Love

Posted by: Khloe Richardson, B.S. - February 20, 2023

Smile during your yoga practice. Yes, you read that right. Smile during your yoga practice. Have you noticed that when someone genuinely smiles at you, your mood lifts even slightly? Have you ever been in a bad mood and saw something that made you laugh and make you feel better? Even a little?     […]

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2 Reasons to Start Weightlifting for Weight Loss this Winter

Posted by: Carlo Varquez, M.S. - February 13, 2023

Let’s face it. Winter is a tough season. Winter challenges us. It is too cold to leave the house, our energy levels are naturally lower from the lack of sun, and we often go to hibernation mode waiting for the summer months. If your winters aren’t bad, you not live in the midwest, mountain west, […]

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3 Things to Do to Help Prevent Heart Disease

Posted by: Laura Cason, B.S., R.D., L.D.N. - February 6, 2023

February is a time to assess our heart in more ways than one. It’s important to pay attention to not only the love in the heart but also the way it works for our health. For more than 50 years, February has been American Heart Month so it’s a time to focus on prevention of […]

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Why Dance is One of the Best Forms of Exercise?

Posted by: Jamie Horban - January 30, 2023

Dance or dance fitness is one of the few fitness forms that engages the body as well as the mind. Learning and remembering choreography keeps your brain active while also initiating the creative part of your mind. It is combining mind, body and soul all in a one-hour fitness class! The cardio portion of dancing […]

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How Restorative Yoga Changed My Life

Posted by: Khloe Richardson, B.S. - January 16, 2023

Every year, it feels as though life moves faster, our attention span grows shorter, and our responsibilities grow larger due to the cost of simply existing. Unfortunately, this has created a pandemic of chronically stressed and depressed individuals who barely have time for themselves, let alone a solid self care routine. Quite frankly, we spend […]

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