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Do You Pack A Healthy Lunch?

Posted by: Karen Bobos, MSed - October 3, 2016

A successful Lunch Pack       Check out my segment on FOX 32 News Chicago! What’s it all about? It’s not surprising that 1 in 3 Americans set a goal of packing lunch each year. But why?   Studies show you can save over $4000 per year and your waistline, too. Those that planned […]

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Diastasis Recti

Posted by: Karen Bobos, MSed - September 27, 2016

What is it?  How Do I Recover?            Ah, pregnancy…such a wonderful time in a woman’s life.  Decorating a nursery, dressing your adorable baby bump, stretchy clothes and eating that second piece of cake because…well, you can, are some of the perks that take place as you await your precious bundle […]

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Boost Your Mood the Healthy Way

Posted by: Karen Bobos, MSed - September 14, 2016

Managing Stress with Exercise       It’s hard growing up.  Job dilemmas, negative or stressful family situations, money, etc. all bring stress to our lives.  To some, it feels as if they can’t seem to come up for air.  A beer or a glass of wine after a long day might be a person’s […]

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Thoughts on Alternative Sweetners

Posted by: Karen Bobos, MSed -

The most common question I get as an RD: What’s your thought on Alternative Sweeteners?     You’ll get a different answer no matter who you ask, but here is my philosophy: Things that taste sweet that don’t give your body calories? Alternative sweeteners might be too good to be true and include six groups […]

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To Fuel or Not to Fuel

Posted by: Karen Bobos, MSed - August 30, 2016

Working Out on an Empty Stomach     Fitness information can be very gray.  There are always topics up for debate: should I eat carbs before or after my workout?  Should I workout in the morning or at night?  Will eating late at night ruin my progress?  Etc, etc.  Today, I am going to talk […]

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Work Those Glutes!

Posted by: Karen Bobos, MSed - August 17, 2016

Get Your Glutes in Tip Top Shape to Prevent Injury         The days of wanting a small fanny is long gone, folks.  A little junk in the trunk is in, ladies and gentleman!  Sure, a rounded behind looks great, but what if I told you that having a strong backside is extremely […]

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Berry, Berry Good!

Posted by: Karen Bobos, MSed - August 8, 2016

Berries are a true super food!   Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries are amongst the most highly researched foods for their health and nutritional benefits. Don’t forget about cranberries, which may contain more health benefits than the other berries by far. Berries are among their best between May and October, especially around the Chicago area. Strawberries […]

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Sunday Meal Prep

Posted by: Karen Bobos, MSed - July 19, 2016

 What MY Sunday Mornings Look Like These Days…     As mentioned in part 2 of my postpartum fitness series, meal prepping on Sunday’s has been a life saver. When Tim was born and our families had left, the last thing I wanted to do was figure out dinner. Or any meal/snack for that matter. […]

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Corn Please!

Posted by: Karen Bobos, MSed - July 11, 2016

    A few of the Midwest states including Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska are known as the “Corn Belt”. A food that is entirely associated with America and peaking in season this month! Although corn gets a bad wrap because of it’s multi-use in processed products like high fructose corn syrup and corn oil, […]

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