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Shedding Light on Myofascial Release

Posted by: Chelsey Gilbert - June 19, 2023

Our Natural Somatic Processing System   As a Licensed Massage Therapist that has been practicing since 2017, Myofascial Release is a technique that has completely changed my approach to bodywork.  Not only are there numerous scientific studies to back the work, I have seen profound change in so many of my clients over the years.  […]

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The Sunshine Vitamin

Posted by: Laura Cason, B.S., R.D., L.D.N. - June 12, 2023

Vitamin D is often called the sunshine vitamin as we need it produce it in our bodies with the help of the sun. As we can start to go outdoors more with the summer months, we start to gain some of the benefits.     People need Vitamin D from both nature and food.  When our […]

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Making Strength Training Effective

Posted by: Carlo Varquez, M.S. - June 5, 2023

How Long Should Your Strength Workout Be for it to Be “Effective”?     Strength training is a crucial part of any workout routine. It is important for an individual to engage in resistance training at least 1-2x a week to cut down the risk of chronic diseases and maintain bone and joint strength. Strength […]

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Why Belly Dance is a Great Form of Fitness

Posted by: Jamie Horban - May 29, 2023

Did you know that Belly Dance is a great form of fitness as well as a an excellent and expressive dance form? It helps women express their sensuality and celebrate the female form by moving their hips and ribs and arms in a way that is natural and fun.   Belly dancing significantly aids muscle […]

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Foods That Can Boost Your Mood

Posted by: Laura Cason, B.S., R.D., L.D.N. - May 22, 2023

Nearly 1 in 5 U.S adults experienced a mental health condition in 2020.  It’s on the rise for young adults with an estimated 31% of those between ages 18 and 25.  Since a mental health diagnosis may impact an individual’s daily life, it’s often wondered the link between nutrition and mood.     There have […]

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Tight Muscles? Let’s Stretch!

Posted by: Carlo Varquez, M.S. - May 15, 2023

4 Leg Stretches For Tight Leg Muscles   We’re all familiar with that cramped, achy, sometimes even painful feeling of tight leg muscles. Your legs can feel tight for a number of reasons. Leg muscles can stiffen up after sitting for long periods, overdoing it on leg days at the gym, or even as a […]

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Posture Practice

Posted by: Carlo Varquez, M.S. - May 1, 2023

You know the drill … it is post Covid, and that aching back pain won’t subside. Your doctor, co-worker, your spouse, all of them suggests, “Stand up straight!” and “Don’t slouch in your chair!” As time passes by, the back pain starts to travel and affect your hips or low back. Suddenly, you start to […]

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Using Hatha Yoga to Battle Anxiety

Posted by: Khloe Richardson, B.S. - April 24, 2023

Finding ways to remain calm during anxious moments and times is the key to surviving most high stress situations. Many of us fail to take the time to do an extremely simple task that assists with calming the nerves: breathe.       Hatha yoga encourages the body to listen to the breath while practicing. […]

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The Importance of Maintaining a Workout Routine

Posted by: Jamie Horban - April 17, 2023

When you decide to start to work out, you are committing to training your body for doing something new. Whether you are training for a marathon or a dance competition or simply just want to work out to improve physical power or physique, it’s highly important to maintain a consistent regimen to train your muscles […]

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