The 3 O’Clock Grumble

April 18, 2012

You are sitting at your desk and hear your stomach growl so loud you swear that your boss on the other side of the office heard it! We have all been there before; but truth be told, there ARE ways to avoid this. Most individuals need a snack in the afternoon because there is a large gap of time between when lunch occurred and when dinner is actually going to be served.


Try to add in a snack around 2-4pm to keep those stomach sounds at a lull and most likely, you will avoid overeating at dinner too!


Need some ideas for an afternoon snack? Try some of these today!


-Sweet Wasabi Trail Mix- 2 tsp wasabi peas, 2 tsp dried cranberries and 2 tsp dry roasted peanuts only 68 calories!


-1/4 cup Edy’s Slow Churned Yogurt Blends Caramel Praline Crunch only 60 calories!


-1 cup sliced strawberries with 1 T crumbled feta cheese and 1 tsp chopped mint only 78 calories!


-1/3 cup edamame only 125 calories!


-3 cups air popped popcorn only 93 calories!


-1 cup carrots and 2 T hummus only 71 calories!


-½ cup cottage cheese and 1 T honey only 144 calories!


-14 almonds only 100 calories!


– Ciao Bella Ecuadorian Passion Fruit Sorbet only 92 calories!


– Thomas’ Hearty Grains Double Fiber honey-wheat muffin with 2 tsp sweet orange marmalade only 93 calories!


The Author

Karen Bobos, MSed

Karen M. Bobos, MSed, has been in the fitness industry since 1996 and feels her highest accomplishments are those results achieved by her clients through her guidance. She educates clients that there is no trick to being healthy, no magic pills, but rather optimal health is achieved through eating right and moving your body.

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