“Fit In Your Jeans” Fall Fitness Challenge

August 19, 2012

To Get a New Wardrobe, or Not to Get a New Wardrobe?  That is the Question!



It’s amazing how those pounds and inches keep creeping and creeping up.  Did you know that the average American gains 10 pounds a decade?  Yikes!  It’s so funny because we all act like “How did the heck did that happen?” when it really isn’t rocket science, but it is science or rather math.


It takes a 3,500 caloric deficit to lose a pound of fat.  In the same sense, it takes an over consumption of 3,500 calories to gain a pound of fat, which is not difficult to do.  The average person needs approximately 2,000 calories per day for basic bodily functions.    So if you consume more calories than you need, and you do not burn them off with activity, eventually, you will gain weight.  We live in a sedentary world.  Being lethargic is a vicious cycle.  The more you put exercise off, the more you will not want to do it.  HOWEVER, the more you exercise, the more your body will crave exercise and will crave healthy foods.  Being healthy is also addictive.  It takes 12 weeks to create a habit.  Give us 8 weeks to get you started on the right track.


Summer is slowly coming to a close.  The cooler days are approaching.  Jeans season is here and nothing is sexier than a good fitting pair of jeans!  Our “Fit In Your Jeans: Fall Fitness Challenge” begins the Tuesday after Labor Day.  We meet 4 days per week (Tuesdays through Fridays) on Ohio Street Beach from 6:00-7:00am until October 26.  Each day of class we will provide a fitness tip to keep you motivated and on track. Registration closes August 31st!


Follow our tips, attend as many classes as you can, and the only questions you will be asking come November is whether or not you need to buy a new wardrobe.  Now, if your jeans are too big, you might just have to.  BUT we want to avoid shopping for bigger sizes.  You are worth feeling and looking fabulous.  Life is short.  Feel great!  Let Kb Fitness Solutions do what we do best… Inspiring Healthy Lives!

The Author

Karen Bobos, MSed

Karen M. Bobos, MSed, has been in the fitness industry since 1996 and feels her highest accomplishments are those results achieved by her clients through her guidance. She educates clients that there is no trick to being healthy, no magic pills, but rather optimal health is achieved through eating right and moving your body.

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