Using Hatha Yoga to Battle Anxiety

April 24, 2023

Finding ways to remain calm during anxious moments and times is the key to surviving most high stress situations. Many of us fail to take the time to do an extremely simple task that assists with calming the nerves: breathe.




Hatha yoga encourages the body to listen to the breath while practicing. It uses the breath just as much as it uses the physical body to transition and hold yoga poses. Hatha yoga often feels like meditative movement to me. Intentionally breathing while stretching my body often leaves me feeling more calm and rejuvenated.




Overall, Getting the body used to intentional breathing is the easiest way to train the body and brain to breathe when feeling anxious. It can also help one transition into meditation smoothly, the ultimate nerve calmer.




For those interested in practicing Hatha yoga to combat anxiety, I’d suggest Locust Pose, Plough Pose and Bridge Pose. These poses obviously activate and stretch various parts of the body, but they also encourage one to breathe through any tension they may be feeling while holding the pose. This in turn, encourages relaxation and focus, one of the key components to battling anxiety.

The Author

Khloe Richardson, B.S.

Khloe has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater from Columbia College in Chicago, IL. She received her RYT 200 hour from Yoga & Ayurveda Center’s Yoga Teacher Training Program. She has a Restorative Yoga Instructor Certification. She teaches several styles of yoga including the following: Vinyasa, Kids Yoga, Chair Yoga and Meditation. Khloe found her love for yoga when she took a class in college. After six years of practicing yoga on her own, she decided to become a certified instructor during the coronavirus pandemic. Khloe is a dynamic artist, singer, and creative writer. She also teaches art. She teaches vinyasa yoga flow as well as restorative, kids, and chair yoga.

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