The Importance of Maintaining a Workout Routine

April 17, 2023

When you decide to start to work out, you are committing to training your body for doing something new. Whether you are training for a marathon or a dance competition or simply just want to work out to improve physical power or physique, it’s highly important to maintain a consistent regimen to train your muscles correctly.





For example, when you start a Zumba or yoga class on a Monday, it’s very important to maintain the same day and time to continue that same class consistently. Your body begins to build muscle and each workout regime builds muscles in a different way. If you start a high low class on a Tuesday, you will begin to build muscle in perhaps your pecs and biceps. When you stop or miss a day or a week of working on building these muscles, not only do you risk the potential for losing the strength you spent so much time building, but you risk soreness and potential injury. The similar goes for a yoga or stretching class. The more consistently you work on a stretch, the lower in the stretch or better at the stretch you will get. The reason is you stretch out your muscle every time you work on this stretch.  If you miss class for a month, you risk losing the stretch entirely and having to start over from the beginning. When you sit at a desk or not move for a period of time, your body loses its flexibility and becomes stiff.





Aside from building strength or flexibility, you also just naturally get better at something when you practice it. This is especially true for a Zumba or Werq class where a lot of the same combinations are practiced over and over. The more times you come, the better you get!  The body becomes strained when it experiences sporadic bouts of excercise. “A gradual increase in intensity will allow your muscles tendons and ligaments a chance to adjust to the strains and challenges of a fitness regimen.” (From Fitday, author editor)  Consistency builds muscle, increases cardiovascular awareness and it better for your overall mental health.

The Author

Jamie Horban

Jamie Horban, B.A. is a Degreed Dance Professional, Certified Pilates Instructor, and a Certified Yoga Instructor. She has her Bachelors of Science in Dance & Film from Northwestern University. Horban graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in dance and film. She has since traveled around the country choreographing and teaching dance and fitness in several states and cities including Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, LA, and Denver. She currently teaches all levels of ballet, jazz, modern, musical theater, poms, hip hop, and tap. She also has experience teaching salsa, swing, Line dance, acro, Bollywood, Polish dance, disco, belly dance, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, silver sneakers, Polish Dance, Argentinian tango, as well as many others. She has worked for several companies across the United States including but not limited to Lyric opera of Chicago, Atlanta ballet, Northlight theater, Watertown children’s theater, Jean and Ryan productions, boulder fringe Festival, 24-hour fitness, golds gym, Dance 411, Dance Chicago, Interlochen Arts, and many others. She has a non for profit in the state of Illinois called SoleStance that produces arts/cultural related shows.

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