Benefits & Rewards Program

Choose Kb Fitness Solutions Inc. to be the sole provider of wellness services at your company or organization and receive discounted and FREE services.

Kb Fitness Solutions, Inc.’s mission is to help create a healthy and enjoyable environment for residents and/or employees. If you choose Kb Fitness Solutions, Inc. to be your organization’s sole provider of wellness services, your organization will receive many benefits. We are honored to be your wellness provider. By participating in our Benefits and Rewards Program, your company and residents will receive special rates and complimentary services.



Complimentary Services for Residents

When your residents or employees participate in personal training, massage, nutrition, or yoga services, Kb Fitness Solutions, Inc. will reward all of the residents in the building. The management team can choose one of the following when 30 sessions take place in a single month.


30 Sessions per Month

= ONE of the following benefits for residents and employees:

1. Healthy Happy Hour: Enjoy low calorie cocktails and take-home recipes for 50 guests

2. 2 Hours of Chair Massage: Relax with chair massage from one of our licensed-massage therapists.

3. 2 Group Fitness Classes: Choose yoga, kick boxing, Zumba, dance, or cardio circuit.

4. Grocery Shopping Tour or Nutrition Presentation



Discounted Services

Special rates will be extended to all Residents, Employees & Building Management Team

• Up to 15% OFF all services for the management group to purchase for residents

• Discounted services for residents and employees, including personal training and more.

• Discounted pricing for specialty programs (Beach Body Boot Camp)



Wellness Days

Educating your residents on health and wellness is a big part of Kb Fitness Solutions, Inc. mission to continue Inspiring Healthy Lives. Wellness days would include such services as body fat testing and blood pressure screening,



Complimentary Initial Fitness Assessments

With any employee or resident’s initial personal training package purchase (minimum of 6 sessions), they will receive a free fitness assessment. Knowing how fit you are is determined by assessing the five components of fitness: body composition, aerobic capacity, muscular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility. Having these baseline values will help individuals set goals on how to improve their fitness levels.



Monthly Wellness Specials

Each month, we will provide residents and/or employees with different wellness specials, beyond the discounted rates already available with the wellness partnership.



Annual Meet and Greet Celebration

Guests will have an opportunity to mix, meet, and mingle with Kb Fitness Solutions, Inc. team members while enjoying gift bags filled with treats from our sponsors. This can be used as your program launch celebration.





 By participating in our Benefits & Rewards Program, Kb Fitness Solutions, Inc. will be the sole promoter of all services that Kb Fitness Solutions, Inc. provides, including, but not limited to personal training, massage therapy, nutrition services, personal chef services, yoga classes, etc. to your organization. Promotions on the premises would include fliers, postings, mass emails, and a banner in the fitness center and common area, lobby, etc. Additional advertisement means are always welcome, such as elevator fliers or television postings, staffed- lobby registration and information tables.


Kb Fitness Solutions, Inc. provides in-home wellness services, as well. We would never insist that a resident must work only with our team in their personal home or building fitness center, but hopefully they will want to work with our team once they see the amazing results we provide! We just ask that other personal trainers, wellness companies, etc., do not leave promotional items on the property or stay in the fitness center pre or post clients to solicit their services.


Benefits & Rewards Program is effective once the agreement is in place. You may opt out of the program at any time with a 30-day written notice. All benefits accumulated during your agreement period will still be honored.




Referral Program

Refer Kb Fitness Solutions, Inc. and our Benefits & Rewards Program to other buildings in your network and participate in our referral program. When a building mentions your name for referring them, you will receive one of the following:

• Two hours of Chair Massage for your entire management office

• A personal training session for each person on your management team

• A yoga class and healthy brunch for your management team


Other services are available upon request. Services may be provided to residents instead of the management team. Being a part of our referral program is a great way to inspire others to improve their wellness as well as rewarding yourself!





To inquire about the Benefits & Rewards Program,

please email or call 312-222-1414.

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