Whether in your home gym or in your living room with no equipment at all, our certified fitness team will design a program to meet your individual needs.  

Personal Training


Personal training is brought to our clients’ homes and offices in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.  All training sessions are one hour in length.   The first session is always a fitness assessment, where we assess our clients baseline fitness values using the gold standard fitness guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).  We measure muscular strength & endurance, aerobic capacity, body composition and flexibility to create a customized program assuring our clients achieve optimal results.  

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Take-Home Routine Program: 

Motivated to exercise on your own, but just looking for more structure?  We can create workouts to be done on your own, which include a written workout for you to keep.  Plan on a 45-minute appointment reviewing the routine; we anticipate 45 minutes of the trainers time before the appointment creating a workout for you to take home, which is included in the price.  Some clients require more individual attention depending on fitness level and experience , in this situation, we will recommend the client has additional individual sessions before trying workouts on their own.  Clients who train on average two or more days per week and have been a consistent client for over 60 days will receive this service complimentary when travelling, etc.



Duo, Trio, & Group Training/Classes


Studies show that individuals are highly motivated to adhere to their fitness regimen with the support of others.  Group training or classes can be designed for groups of two or more individuals with similar goals and interests. Group training & classes keep the workouts fun and exciting. In addition, training with a partner or in a group can be very cost-effective.  Examples of classes include the following:







Circuit Training

Cardiovascular Conditioning/Running Club

Strength Training

Aerobic Dance 


Duo Training: 2 clients during the same session



Trio Training: 3 clients during the same session



Group Training: 4 or more clients during the same session




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