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Spring Specials

Summer Wellness is Here


With the beautiful weather in full swing, Kb Fitness Solutions is your one-stop-shop to get your wellness on track.  We specialize in removing the dilemma of fitting wellness in your schedule by coming to you.  Whether you are looking for personal services for you or wellness services for your organization, our professional wellness team offers a variety of wellness services with one goal… to continue Inspiring Healthy Lives.


Seasonal Cooking Classes

Spring Fresh Favorites at Your Service


Spring-Clean Eating Cooking Class

Get ready for spring with these GREEN recipe favorites!  Guests will enjoy dishes like asparagus risotto, pan roasted artichokes, and a vitamin packed garden salad. A low-calorie cocktail or mocktail will help guests put that extra “spring” into their season.



Spring Smoothie Class

Enjoy making three refreshing and nutritious smoothies using a variety of spring ingredients, that you probably never thought of, to get into the season and try foods with healthy benefits.


Dance, Drink, & Dine Events


Book a Salsa Party

Live it up with Salsa lessons, a Latin inspired dance of rolling, twists and turns.  Then, create & enjoy a variety of delicious salsas, from salty to sweet & from mild to spicy.  Guests will sip a low-calorie, refreshing summer cocktail, the Paloma.  This is a perfect event to book for the week of Cinco de Mayo or during the summer. 




Spring Specialties


Running Club

Running Club season is April through November, during the nice weather months.  Our certified personal trainer will lead your group for a 30 minute and a 60 minute run.  Typically, this group meets once a week around 6pm and wears a fun shirt provided by the management group.


The Relax Pack

In honor of Stress Awareness month, host a variety of wellness services to allow individuals avenues and education on reducing stress.  Our most popular services in 2021 are: 



Yoga Nidra is a meditation practice that allows individuals to release the stresses of daily life. In a 45-minute class, they can expect to lie down, close their eyes, and be guided through a calming meditation that is intended to help them sharpen their mind, connect to their spirit, and relax their whole being. 


Stress-Reduction Nutrition Demo

The foods that we eat play a large role in stress reduction. Choosing healthy foods can actually impact your mood on a positive note, helping to relieve tension, stabilize blood sugar, and send your stress packing. Our Registered Dietitian will lead participants virtually or in-person through a demonstration of our TOP 10 Foods to eat to help reduce stress, and its related health concerns.



This ancient practice is about breathing through uncomfortable positions, which prepares the body for stressful situations in life.



Sometimes punching it out is the best stress relief.  Join one of our boxing pros through a vigorous workout to get participants on the path to stress free living.



In-Person Classes

 Take-home recipes and educational materials are provided.  Each guests will enjoy a single serving of all dishes.  Class capacity is 25-30 participants, depending on space.  Additional guests are welcome to observe the class if space allows.    


Virtual Classes

Ingredient lists are sent in advance upon booking for virtual classes, so participants can make the recipes along our expert during the class.



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Low-Calorie Cocktail Classes

Skinny, Not Stirred Mixology Class


Our signature, low-calorie cocktail events are a great way to keep the party fun without the unwanted calories that come with mixed drinks.  Each event is lead by one of our registered dietitians and can be held virtually or in person.  Our expert will share three holiday-themed recipes.  Shake it up with your colleagues or friends and get festive this season!  Try one of our most popular Skinny, Not Stirred events:

  • Sensational Spring Shakers
  • Sexy Summer Sippers
  • Spooktacular Halloween Cocktails
  • Autumn Cozy Cocktails
  • Thanksgiving Calming Creations
  • Santa’s Skinny Sippers
  • New Year Skinny Bubbles & Blends
  • Skinny Love Potion Number 9
  • Irish My Drink Was Low-Calorie 


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Personal Training

Summer Six Pack


It’s almost here . . . (insert suspenseful music here) . . . SWIMSUIT SEASON!  And it’s post Covid!  Ahhhhh!


No worries!  We are here to help!  This is the season that we call in Chicago, the de-layering season.  It’s time to remove those layers and layers of clothes with the warmer weather approaching.  But oh no, you may have let yourself go a bit.  We can help you with our 6 Personal Training Session-Special.  We’ll get you in shape for summer and feeling swimsuit ready!


This special may be used for boxing, aquatics, yoga, Pilates, personal training and more!


$399 – 6 Personal Training Sessions

$549 – 6 Duo Training Sessions (2 people)

$499 – 6 Group Training Sessions (3+ people, adequate space must be available for safety measures if in-person)

$499 – 6 Exercise Physiologist Sessions

$299 – 6 Quickie Sessions (30-minute)


Available to NEW CLIENTS ONLY or clients who haven’t trained in 2022.   Payment plans are available! Payment plan must be completed within 10 weeks of purchase. Offer available until June 30, 2022.  Available to all clients.  Virtual and in-person training is priced the same because our trainers time and expertise is the same value.  Please email us or call 312-222-1414 to get started.


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Book a Virtual or In-Person Dance Party

Shake It Up this Spring with Salsa Lessons


Book a Different Class Every Month


Whether a group of friends, a corporate event, or a treat for residents in an apartment complex, this dance party will have participants moving and grooving, having fun while getting fit.  No dance partner necessary.   Choose from any of our dance classes.













60’s Dance Party

70’s Dance Party

80’s Dance Party

Belly Dancing

Bollywood Dancing




Irish Dance Lessons



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Wellness Webinars

April Feature: Choose to Stress Less: Tools for Change


Would you believe that over two-thirds of physician office visits are for stress-related illnesses and concerns? Learn how stress affects both our physical and psychological health as well as practical and effective strategies for managing stress and minimizing its impact.



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