Your New Year

January 6, 2020

The most common resolution for Americans is weight loss; but we are learning more and more about health at every size and as a society we’re gaining body acceptance. Here’s a better idea for Chicago: let’s focus on a new healthy habit. This may seem strange that your dietitian is telling you to avoid focusing on your weight, in reality there are better ways to spend our time than imagining scenarios where we are lifting heavy things, measuring every bite of food, and weighing in daily.


Regardless of what your healthy-habit resolution may be, first make it specific. For example, assess the holes in your diet; are you eating 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetables daily? Are you constantly fatigued and can’t make it to the fitness center or prepare a meal for yourself? Sometimes it’s not that we don’t want to make healthy changes, or do what is best for our body, it’s that our sleep is poor or that emotions, thoughts and fears are draining us.


Once you have a specific goal; consider how you can work towards it.


Does your diet or fitness need to be improved?
If your diet lacking produce, perhaps join a produce co-op or purchase pre-cut produce for homemade recipes.

If the fitness center the last thing on your list, make it the first thing to do each day, and find a friend to hold you accountable! Or be on the look-out for the next salsa or ballroom class in your building (presented by the amazing instructors from KB Fitness Solutions!).


Does you sleep hygiene or mental health need help?
Make small changes to alter your sleep such as going to be a half hour early for a week, and continue the pattern until you have a good 6-8 hours per night, or maybe you need to put down the remote and pick up a book. Also, remember that there is no shame in seeking help for emotional issues; take a look at your health insurance plan, many cover behavioral health visits.


Finally share your plan with a friend, often times the support they can provide will surprise you.  A few years back, I was complaining about a long run when one of my friends said “but your goal is to complete the marathon without walking’. That was all the encouragement I needed to finish that run!


Remember that small changes make big differences. Here’s to a great 2020 Chicago!

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