Your Success Depends on . . .

March 3, 2021

YOU!  That’s right.  Seems pretty straight forward, right?  You would think . . .



A few years after I started my business, a wise client shared with me that “My business will only be as successful as the time that I put into it.”  Over ten years later, I cannot tell you how many times these words of advice pop into my head.  



Every time, I put major effort into my business, GREAT things happen:  new business, amazing testimonials, or I come up with some new, fun programming for our clients.  Since we are human, and I am a mother of three small children, life happens, oh too often.  That is life.  We cannot have the “green light” on all the time.  Life requires balance and rest.  But what if, I planned that balance and rest?  Planning down time allows for a steady flow of success.  You know when you will be working hard at your goal and when you will be taking a little break and that helps it feel OK.



So why am I telling you about this?  Well, most of our clients are working men and women, so sure, this could be helpful for business success.  But it is also true for wellness.  For example, if you are trying to achieve weight loss, you have to work at it.  And if you have been working at it for years without long-term results, then ask yourself, how much time have you really been putting into it?  



Your health will only be as successful as the time that you put into it.  I’ll say it again.  Your health will only be as successful as the time that you put into it.  You will not achieve results if you are not putting forth effort.  Period.



The first step is you.  It’s your mindset.  You need to make the decision that you are worth the success.  Your kids are worth your health.  The healthier that you are, the more energy you will have and the happier you will be.  So this may seem pretty generic, but it’s pretty powerful. 




Do a self-check.   How much time are you:


  1. Putting into your workouts? 
  2. Planning your meals? 
  3. Allowing for self-maintenance and down time?
  4. Allowing time to socialize with friends and family?
  5. Are you drinking enough water?
  6. Are you getting enough sleep?
  7. Are you eating enough or too much?
  8. Are you happy?



Accessing where you are with making time for your health is the first step.  The next step is taking the appropriate measure to achieve optimal wellness.  I highly recommend talking to a wellness professional.  Create a plan that will work.  You deserve it, and so do the people who love you!

The Author

Karen Bobos, MSed

Karen M. Bobos, MSed, has been in the fitness industry since 1996 and feels her highest accomplishments are those results achieved by her clients through her guidance. She educates clients that there is no trick to being healthy, no magic pills, but rather optimal health is achieved through eating right and moving your body.

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